Solutions Schedule for .NET
Production and process planning, streamlining warehousing, schedule shipping and receiving functions, logistics optimization - these are all common commercial applications that use Solutions Schedule for .NET for intuitive, interactive snap in functionality.

Chosen by market leading commercial software companies and senior development teams as the number one drag and drop, Gantt style, interactive scheduling control, Solutions Schedule is an industry proven performer. There are three editions of Solutions Schedule for .NET that consultants to fortune 100 companies select for their planning, scheduling and resource optimization software development projects; Standard Edition, Corporate Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Solutions Schedule for .NET version 5.0 
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Add feature rich Scheduling for employees, equipment, vehicles and other resources with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Solutions Schedule for .NET offers developers a breadth of functionality that rivals full application features and all wrapped in a single .NET WinForms control. Whether your design spec dictates an enterprise client based solution or a Click Once web distributed application, Solutions Schedule for .NET is the proven choice of Visual Studio .NET developers.

Solutions Schedule for .NET Standard and Enterprise editions include royalty free distribution licensing. Each edition comes with sample applications including source code written in C# and VB .NET, detailed documentation, online license management, 24 x 7 online software activation and an annual subscription service providing up-to-date component updates, product upgrades and direct access to the products' technical support group.

Take advantage today and drive results that make a difference to your bottom line!

DBI's Scheduling solutions are found in commercial and enterprise software by companies including: CCH, Disney, Microsoft, OpenBook, McKesson, 3M, PepsiCo, Plumbline, Universal Studios, Invensys ...

  Three Editions to choose from
Standard  Edition
  Corporate Edition
  Enterprise Edition
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  Feature Comparison
  What's New
  New:: TimeBar Shadows | TimeBarAfterEvent custom area
What's New in v5
  Current Time Offset
  Day Month Offset
  Edit Mode Toolbar
  Guideline Positions
  List Guide
  Ruler Selection
  Schedule Document Object
  A Great Companion...
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  Product Highlights:
  Visual Studio 2012
  Windows 7 Windows 8 certified
  Compiled to Any CPU
  Hit Test methods
  Schedule Notes
  More Time Bars
  Value Point Font / Fore Color
  Time Bar Restrictions
  Time Bar Cursor Enter/ Leave
  Guide Lines  
  List and Tree View 
  Gantt Style Scheduling 
  Drag and Drop 
  Connect to any data source 
  Annual Subscription 
  Cell Formatting
   **Corporate/ Enterprise Editions Only
  DBI is a proud Microsoft Visual Studio Partner