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February 7, 2005



Calendar Tools 2.0 for .NET

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Winnipeg, Manitoba  -  Monday, February 7, 2005   -  DBI Technologies Inc., the leading provider of Appointment and Resource Scheduling is proud to announce the release of Calendar Tools 2.0 for .NET. Delivering unparalleled value and functionality for Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 developers. This set of 100% managed code .NET Framework controls answers the developer’s number one request – a simpler more efficient way of adding great functionality to software.


Since the first release by Microsoft of the .NET Framework, DBI, a nine year veteran supplying critical software component functionality for individual and corporate developers, has taken a studied approach in the development of its next generation component products. Having experienced the various IDE transitions, Visual Basic version 3.0 thru version 6.0 for instance, DBI has cashed in on its wealth of knowledge, its experience and customer input for a clear vision of how to deliver functionality and value when it comes to .NET Framework components.


 The .NET Framework provides developers a rich environment to exploit their own skills, experiences and importantly new technologies. We understand there are growing pains with the adoption of newer and better technologies and we accept these challenges openly for the opportunities they offer. Today, DBI’s release of Calendar Tools 2.0 for .NET is a fundamental statement of how to maximize the best there is to offer. Offering Visual Studio (6.0) developers a familiar component architecture for fast adoption of outstanding Calendar and Appointment scheduling functionality into new .NET Framework solutions and for those developers already familiar with Visual Studio .NET will find Calendar Tools 2.0 for .NET intuitive and quick to implement.


Not only has DBI taken the care to implement a thin component object model enabling an intuitive structure, they have implemented a foundation (Collaborative Data Framework) that manages data communication and presentation settings for their calendar and scheduling controls. The foundation, based on the Outlook Object Model, is designed and intended to be extensible, thereby providing a mechanism for developers to add/modify the functionality to suit their own specific needs. DBI has announced the source code to this foundation layer (dbiPIM) will be included with the purchase ($399) of Calendar Tools 2.0 for .NET.


“In true form, DBI continues to provide the development community with outstanding value, commented Craig Gluck, vice president of product development. We have worked diligently to implement features that allow our customers to add unparalleled functionality into their software.” Well demonstrated by their design-time / run-time XML data implementation with read/write capability to strings as well as files. For those situations where connecting to and consuming existing Outlook 2003 data is a priority, DBI has simplified matters by synchronizing the Calendar Tools component object model to that of Microsoft’s Outlook object model.


Calendar Tools 2.0 for .NET builds on the functionality that DBI implemented into its similar COM product, Solutions::PIM Professional, first introduced to the developer market in 1997. Features that set Solutions::PIM Professional apart and now Calendar Tools 2.0 for .NET include; variable appointment time increments found in the dbiDayView control, direct appointment entry/ editing, conflict checking and built-in printing. All well suited for the medical and sporting industries or any other solution for that matter requiring calendar and appointment scheduling.


Calendar Tools 2.0 for .NET is now shipping and available through DBI’s network of Value Added Resellers or directly from their online store. Complete details can be found at

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