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DBI Technologies Inc. releases Component ToolBox 7.0 - Providing Window’s developer’s with the tools to manage today’s challenges and tomorrow’s requirements


Winnipeg, Manitoba,  May 23, 2006 –
 DBI Technologies Inc., the development community’s leading provider of compliant presentation and scheduling components, proudly announces the release of  Component ToolBox 7.0. A diverse collection of 53 OLE compliant components, Component ToolBox 7 is the perfect companion for creating everything from Windows-style user interfaces and common navigation themes to reporting and data presentations, data manipulation, indexing and document management solutions. Component ToolBox 7.0 offers the essential elements used in almost all software created by Window’s developers, everyday.


The most prominent changes found in version Component ToolBox 7 include the addition of XP styles, enhanced printing and image support for many of the controls. New to the product, DBI has added ctGrid and ctExplorerBar along with significant enhancements to ctToolBar, ctCombo, ctListBar, ctList, ctTree and three edit controls. As you peel back the covers on this version one of the clever developments DBI has included is the expansion of XML data to also include component presentation settings. Meaning that a component with XML data support can have its presentation styles saved to, or imported from, an XML file. Another example of a huge time saving development from DBI Technologies.


There’s no question of the benefit commercial quality components bring to developers working on the Windows computing platform. DBI’s products are used across the board by corporate IT departments and commercial software publishers in any of the four development platforms found in Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Microsoft Access, as well as, Visual Cobol, Visual RPG or LabVIEW 8 from National Instruments. DBI’s OLE compliant components just simply work.


DBI has been supporting developers on a variety of development platforms (IDE’s) for ten years, offering bullet-proof, quality data manipulation, presentation and general user interface components all backed with “the best technical support” in the industry. The release of Component ToolBox 7 further demonstrates DBI’s commitment to the developer communities it supports and its vision for assisting developers working in both Visual Studio and Visual Studio .NET platforms. The simple fact that a component presentation style can be consumed from a component in a COM environment by another supported control in a .NET environment is sheer effective use of technology. DBI also states that new VISTA styles are to be offered free for current product owners. For the latest details check out DBI’s website at:



About DBI Technologies
DBI is an industry leader in the implementation of component-based application development, providing creative solutions for its customers, incorporating leading-edge technologies built on commercial component-based architectures. DBI continues to set the standards for component development for presentation, appointment and multi-resource scheduling. Built to rugged specifications and requirements, DBI components will perform with exceptional precision and ease of use.


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