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Microsoft selects DBI components for inclusion with Visual FoxPro - Sedna


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, APRIL 4, 2006  –
 DBI Technologies Inc. is proud to announce that the next release of Microsoft’s Visual FoxPro software development platform will offer direct access to a refined selection of DBI Technologies commercial components. DBI’s component products offer developers the ability to advance their development cycles with proven, reusable componentized software. “DBI has supported the FoxPro community for a long time and is showing its further commitment for this dynamic developer community in providing a great collection of components, enhancing the benefit for Visual FoxPro Sedna developers” said Milind Lele, Microsoft Program Manager. 


DBI’s components have become integral tools for Windows developers and the Visual FoxPro community for ten years. DBI has taken an unparalleled approach in its product offering to provide direct technical support for all of Microsoft’s primary development platforms most notably Visual Studio 6.0 and the latest Visual Studio versions 2003 and 2005 for the .NET framework. DBI has carved a unique niche in the Windows developer community offering assistance to all developers using their components in any compliant development environment.


Components by definition are:   “reusable objects or programs that perform a specific function and designed to work with other components and applications.Components give greater freedom to developers offering an array of commercialized functionality from basic Windows style presentation and navigation features to sophisticated appointment and resource scheduling capabilities packaged and ready to use in software development projects.

The need to control and better manage time today is compounded by ever changing expectations, advancing technology and the focus on earnings results. For a decade or more organizations have learned to trim and drive out efficiencies in many instances doing more with less. Today, Thinking and working smarter drives new market advantage and opportunities for continued local development success. Components provide a critical element in this success, adding outstanding functionality and reduced development risk at a cost of pennies on the dollar in comparison to today’s development costs.


“DBI products have given my apps the professional look and feel, and are stable within a Fox environment. I've been hitting them pretty hard, using quite a few of your controls, for almost 2 years. As a Fox developer since 1986, they are the best tools I've used with Fox,” Said Gary Beasley of Softlogx.

With DBI’s components, organizations can build resource and team management support systems effectively with substantially decreased development costs, said Alan Shead, president of DBI Technologies. Implementing visually effective scheduling solutions with real-time reporting gives organizations of all sizes incredible competitive advantage.



About DBI Technologies
DBI is a member of the Microsoft VSIP program (Visual Studio Integration Partners) and an industry leader in the implementation of component-based application development, providing creative solutions for Windows developers, incorporating leading-edge technologies built on commercial component-based architectures. DBI continues to set the standards for appointment and multi-resource scheduling components.


DBI is a founding member of the CVC (Component Vendors Consortium) an industry focused association dedicated to building highly reliable and secure reusable software components for commercial consumption. Built to rugged specifications and requirements, DBI components perform with exceptional precision and ease of use.


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