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Make Time your Friend not your enemy 

DBI’s  Solutions::Schedule 8.0 empowers developers with advanced team scheduling and Resource management capabilities with astounding productivity and speed to market performance


Winnipeg, Manitoba,  March 10, 2006 –
 DBI Technologies Inc. proudly announces the latest release of  its standards-setting multi-resource scheduling component software - Solutions::Schedule 8.0. For the better part of ten years DBI has provided Windows-based developers with unparalleled scheduling capabilities in a ready for commercial consumption, reusable and run-time freely distributable component software format. The release of Solutions::Schedule version eight (8.0) marks a historical event for DBI – a decade of better business practices that have proven successful and most appreciated by its customers world wide. The ten year evolution of Solutions::Schedule has been greatly influenced by customer enthusiasm and the sense of partnership DBI’s customers have in the lifecycle of the scheduling and presentation layer products DBI releases. From the need to manage robotics in milliseconds to coordinating surgical teams across multiple facilities, Solutions::Schedule is at the heart of some of the most reliable resource management software on the planet.


The ability to accurately and effectively coordinate multiples of resources and their interacting activities with consistent successful outcomes is a challenge many enterprise resource planning (erp) and customer relationship management (crm) solution providers strive to perfect. Achieving those goals is not out of reach with Solutions::Schedule. “We are excited about your new SS8 (Solutions::Schedule 8) gantt chart control. We will be using it for years to come” said Patrick Forrester of VirtualBoss, a commercial construction scheduling and project management software provider. Solutions::Schedule continues to drive the leading edge of commercial and enterprise scheduling software packaged in many cases for industry specific solutions.


The need to control and better manage time today is compounded by ever changing expectations, advancing technology and the focus on earnings results. For a decade or more organizations have learned to trim and drive out efficiencies in many instances doing more with less. Today, Thinking and working smarter drives new market advantage and opportunities for continued success. Effective coordination of resources and their activities is a corner stone of smarter work and smarter thinking. Healthcare systems for instance, have done without for years, stretching resources to the point of breaking. A groundswell of ‘need’ drives innovation where new solutions coming online allow facilities to visualize the dynamic interaction and resource requirements from appointment scheduling to admitting, right through homecare evaluation to out-patient services and discharge. The need for more accurate allocation of resources is necessary to facilitate efficient patient flow through a system managed by knowledgeable, informed staff, empowered by best-of-breed decision making tools.


DBI’s suite of Scheduling and presentation layer component software provides developers unparalleled capability for designing and creating exceptional operational support solutions. “Using DBI’s controls in our advanced power grid software, Pegasus 2006, built with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005, we have superior functionality in the multi-view calendars that enable easy navigation throughout our data store!” said Marc Miller of Nobadeer Software.  “Without advanced components from DBI we couldn’t have built Pegasus 2006 with the current scope, level, or ability that we have today in our software.” 

Properly allocating people, processes (resources) and information are critical components of an organization’s success. Increasingly, competition, external cost factors and squeezed budgets compound an already over-extended workforce and being able to quickly and effectively allocate the right resources at the right time can mean all the difference. With DBI’s Scheduling components, organizations can build resource and team management support systems effectively with substantially decreased development costs, said Alan Shead, president of DBI Technologies. Implementing visually effective scheduling solutions with real-time reporting gives organizations of all sizes incredible competitive advantage.


Solutions::Schedule 8 offers the best of ERP/CRM resource management and project management functionality in a single, re-useable component designed specifically for OLE compliant integrated development environments (IDE’s). For the latest details and product releases please see



About DBI Technologies
DBI is an industry leader in the implementation of COM and .NET component-based application development, providing creative solutions for its customers, incorporating leading-edge technologies built on commercial component-based architectures. DBI continues to set the standards for appointment and multi-resource scheduling. Built to rugged specifications and requirements, DBI’s component software performs with exceptional precision and ease of use.


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