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  ctCalendar  --  is a scrolling virtual calendar that presents enhanced month and week calendar views with a uniquely interactive interface.  
  ActiveX  COM - royalty free Calendar Control - Studio Controls COM by DBI Technologies Inc.   
   ctCalendar displays a defined range of dates, as well as, being capable of presenting appointments and calendar information in month or week view formats. ctCalendar offers developers extensive control over styles and themes including user definable start and end dates.    
  Independent Date Attributes : Each date can be assigned a background and text color, disable status, text and image.  
  Start Date/End Date : Define the calendar for any period of time.  
  Presentation : The background of dates and headers can all be colored with definable fill styles similar to those found in current versions of Windows and Visual Studio.  ctCalendar also offers a selection of custom styles such as DBI's Zune theme.  
  Weekly and Monthly View : Display dates in a regular monthly view or a seven day week view.

Definable Text Headers : Both the month and day names can easily be changed allowing the control to handle all single byte character languages and fonts.  

Edit Cell Text
: Enter or edit text directly in any date.
  Custom Background : Assign an image to be used as the background of the control.  
  Task Bars : One or more task bars can be assigned to a date. Represent ongoing appointments with the time bars.  
  Alternating Month Colors : Alternating months can be set with different background colors.  
  Definable Weekends : In today's 7 x 24 world, routine 9 to 5, Monday to Friday schedules are out the window. Now define the days associated with weekends and assign a custom background color for them.  
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  ActiveX  COM royaltly free Calendar control - ctCalendar by DBI Technologies Inc.  
  Transparent Background Colors : Make eye-popping calendars. Weekend and alternating month background colors can be set to transparent allowing the background image to show through.    
  Drag-And-Drop :  Change appointments on the fly - Items can be dragged into or out of the control. The drag and drop function automatically draws a selected border around the appropriate date when the user drags into the component.    
  Built-In Print Functions : For end-users, reporting makes all the difference. ctCalendar's built-in print functions allow developers to define custom presentation styles for printed output and provides print methods that pass the contents of the calendar to a print job queued in the standard Windows Printer Dialogue or to a specific printer device context.  
  Tool Tips : Tool tips can be made to appear as the user moves the thumb in the vertical scroll bar.  
  Multi-Select : The Calendar control supports multiple selection of dates.  
  Image List :  Store up to 100 images in an internal image list.  
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