ctExplorerBar presents developers with the ability to design modern Windows UI navigation quickly and economically.  ctExplorerBar provides developers an Outlook bar style menu control. Import and export your favourite styles with the built-in XML styles support.  Each item within the control's menu may have an image associated with it as well as selectable fonts and colors. The control also supports fade in and fade out.
Customize The Look : ctExplorerBar integrates many features that allow developers to customize presentations for corporate branding requirements. Specify colors and fonts for the items encapsulated in the control including different colors and fonts for menu items and the title bar in a selected, unselected, and mouse-over state. Modify the shape of the title bar to give the control a different appearance and customize arrow buttons in the title bar with customs images.
Selected Item and selected list features allow for discrete data and image presentations.
XML Support :  All data, including presentation detail, consumed in ctExplorerBar can be imported from or exported to an XML file.
Image List : Acting as an invisible picture repository the built-in image list can hold up to 50 images for dynamic Outlook Bar style presentations.
Smooth Scrolling : The drop list can appear and disappear through a smooth scrolling action.
Modern Windows UI design : The control supports current themes and styles for both the title bar and for the main body.
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