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Add customized, interactive data entry and data presentations to your applications easily and efficiently with ctGrid!  With formatted data entry,  current Windows styles, combo boxes, column locking, column sorting, auto column sizing, XML data and styles support and more...ctGrid adds a whole new level of data functionality for every COM application.
  ctGrid - ActiveX  COM Multi Function Data Grid Control - by DBI Technologies Inc. - found in Studio Controls COM  
  Formatted Data Entry : Each column in the grid can be set up with a different data type. Data types supported by ctGrid include...
  • Text : Standard text.
  • Numeric : Integers, reals, percentage, and currency.
  • Dates : Verbose or Numeric.
  • Options for date formatting characters.
  • Times : 12 and 24 Hour Clocks, Am/Pm, and time formatting characters.
  • Masked Text : Alpha or numeric data, upper case, maximum characters.
  • Boolean : 3d or flat check boxes, or character data (True/False, Yes/No)
  • Combos : List or combo styles
  • Images : Support for images in any cell
  XML and ADO Support :  All data, including presentation detail, consumed in ctGrid can be imported from or exported to an XML file.  
  Unicode Character Set Support :  Complete localization with Unicode and Multi Byte character support.  
  Definable Styles : Assign a style to a singe cell or to all cells in a column. Styles include...  
  • Border Type
  • Border Color
  • Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Text Alignment
  • Font Read-Only Status
  Auto-Complete Feature : Studio Controls for COM - Grid built in drop down combo boxAuto-Completion expands a string that has been partially entered into an edit window. It works by dropping down a list of possible text items as the user types characters into the edit window.  

Combo Boxes
: Create and assign combo boxes to any column in the grid. The combo boxes hosted by the ctGrid control contain a variety of useful display and selection features including...
  • Multiple Columns : Up to 6 different columns
  • Column Headers : Definable column headers.
  • Auto-Complete Feature : Helps to find/enter data within the drop list.
  • Auto-Swap : This option moves most recently selected items to top of list.
  • Auto-Search : This feature incrementally searches by first character of list items.
  • Images : Assign a bitmap or icon to the first column in the combo box.
  • Alternating Line Colors : Alternate lines colors in the drop list.
  • List Lines : Optional vertical and horizontal list lines.
  • Formatted Data Entry : Assign a data mask to the edit box.
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  Conditional Data Entry : Along with defined data types and data masks, ctGrid contains a variety of options to make sure that data entered into the grid is being entered correctly. Some of these features include...  
  • Data Validation : A ResetEdit method to prevent the edit window from moving to a new cell (possibly because of invalid data being entered into the current cell).

  • Moving To A New Cell : The ResetEdit method allows the developer to move focus to any other cell after the current cell has been edited. It can be used to override the default behavior.

  • Read-Only Status : Cells can be set up to be read-only. The read-only status can be changed at any time through code (i.e. the status is not permanent).

  • Cancel Edit : This method stops all editing features.

  • Starting the Edit Procedure at a Given Cell : By default, all edit operations start at the first available cell of the selected item.  This functionality can be overridden through a function call.

  • Preventing Key Strokes : This option allows us to set up situations where a cell will only accept certain keys (i.e. 1-4, a-c, etc). 

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  ctGrid - Drop Down Calendar - Studio Controls COMDrop Down Calendars : Drop down calendars can be assigned to the cells in a date defined column. The calendar is fully customizable including options to change the day and month name strings. (i.e. into other languages)

Numeric Column Calculations
: Column or column range functions for Sum, Average, Minimum, and Maximum.
  Print The Grid : Built in print feature makes it easy to print the grid. Support for a wide variety of paper sizes. Custom properties and events allows the control to accommodate unconventional paper sizes.  
  Built-in Text Search : Search for a text string in a given column. Support for soft-seek and case sensitive search.  
  Alternate Line Colors : Alternating groups of lines switch background color in grid rows.  
  Conditional Formatting : Numerics can be set up with different text colors depending upon whether they contain positive or negative values.  
  Pre-Column : Add a pre-column to the grid.  
  Masked Bitmaps : Support for masking of bitmaps.  
  Tool Tips : ctGrid is capable of displaying two different types of tool tips within the control. These consist of...  
  • Scroll Tips : Tips that appear when the vertical scroll bar is being moved.
  • Cell Tips : Tips that appear when the mouse moves over specific cells.
  Internal Image List : An internal image list can be used to assign images to cells and column headers of the list control.  
  Column Designer Property Page : Design all columns through the controls property pages at design time.  
  Virtual Mode : Present large sets of data without the need to load all data at time of display.  
  Column Locking : Lock any number of columns to prevent data from scrolling out of view.  
  Multi-line Column Headers : Option to wrap header text to multiple lines. Adjust header to any height.  
  Column Sorting : Sort any column in the grid, or prevent a column from being sorted...  
  • Intelligent sort recognizes data type when sorting
  • Sort up to three columns simultaneously
  • Mark a column as sorted to reflect the addition of pre-sorted data to the grid
  • Sort on Case - pre-define Case sensitive sorting
  • Sort in ascending and descending order
  • Pre-sort Event with Cancel Sort method
Column Header Alignment : Independent header alignment from the default column alignment.
  Horizontal Scroll Option : Scroll the columns either pixels at a time, or entire columns at a time.  
  Column Key : The ability to identify and search for a column through a key value stored in a column.  
  Platforms Supported : Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro  
  Code based Sample Applications Included : Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and Visual FoxPro  


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