ctSize is an elastic component that sizes and/or positions its child controls.  ctSize can be used to automatically re-size and/or reposition its child controls as its size is changed.  It contains a variety of different sizing options that determine how child controls will be affected.
Autoconfig:  The Autoconfig property sets the behavior of ctSize for configuring itself to its host form and how it will collect sizing information about its children. Autoconfig can be set to "No automatic configurations", "Configure child controls", "Sub-class the parent form", and "Configure children and sub-class parent"
Use with splitter bar:  ctSize can be used in tandem with the ctSplit splitter bar component. The developer can design interfaces where each side of the splitter automatically moves and sizes its child controls.
 Support for noncompliant platforms:  The AddItem method and the MoveObject event provide support for host platforms and objects that do not properly report valid window handles.
Simulated Transparency:  Provides a transparent background without requiring the host language to support transparency through its OLE container.  This allows transparency to be provided to a larger number of development environments.
  Feature Highlights
  Use with splitter bar
  Support for noncompliant platforms
  Available In:
  Studio Controls for COM
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