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End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-End Suppy Chain Visibility - Solutions Schedule + Studio Controls End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility is about brining a holistic approach to the multi-tier, multi-mode, multi-direction of information supporting the supply chain continuum to meet the demanding informational requirements of Enterprises today. From sourcing raw materials through production to consumer delivery and all of the logistics in between, DBI Technologies Inc's Solutions Schedule suite of products give developers the tools to visualize enterprise resource data.

Giving Developers the Tools to Visualize Enterprise Resource Data - Solutions Schedule COM and Solutions Schedule COM 64 New Releases

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Data Visualization Controls Hard at Work 

      The successful launch of the James Web Space Telescope (JWST) demonstrates years of advanced technology development that Ball Aerospace Corp. and other industry partners at Goddard Space Flight Center undertook back in 1996. Getting to launch day included years of rigorous test and validation. Multitudes of test and data acquisition systems used during the development of the James Webb Space Telescope (NASA, CSA, ESA) captured millions of data points. Ball Aerospace have Long relied upon DBI's enterprise Data Visualization components to make those critical data points usefully visible, providing actionable data results.  

We're excited to witness the success of JWST and the ingenuity of NASA, Ball Aerospace, the Canadian Space Agency, European Space Agency and their industry partners.

Enterprise Data Visualization Controls...

Keep tabs on the James Webb Space Telescope...
DBI Enterprise Data Visualization Controls used in the Development of the James Web Space Telescope    

Distribution Center Visualization

      The DBi Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework (WSF) is a .NET development Framework Solution designed for warehouse distribution centres and logistics organizations looking for a trusted way to implement a standards-based Distribution Centre Resource Visualization system.  The DBi Warehouse Scheduling Framework is a full warehouse shipments and scheduling source code solution complete with warehouse scheduling objects, reporting, data connections and more.

The DBi Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework is available for the asking with a purchase of Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise and its companion site license of Studio Controls .NET.
Source Code - Warehouse Scheduling Framework    

Enterprise Keyword Management

    Documents, audio recordings, videos, images – data is growing daily in the business world and most of it unstructured, which makes it difficult for many organizations to extract insightful and actionable information to improve their business operations and enhance decision-making. These business issues are changing with the rise of new AI technologies, machine learning and natural language processing in today’s search and analytics solutions. From e-commerce and customer service, to intranet portals and collaboration, business leaders hungry for greater automation and intelligence are finding opportunities to improve processes and better empower their workforce to drive transformative results.

A proven strategy for driving transformative results is by elevating the findability of unstructured information through the addition of Metadata Highlights (tags) for each content file. Also known as Enterprise Keywords. Until recently, this was easier said than done. Introducing Doc-Tags and the xAIgent developer suite into an enterprise content management system is a sure fire way of simplifying the Metadata conundrum to the point of automating Enterprise Keyword (Metadata) management with uncommon accuracy.

AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing can be complicated strategies to integrate into Enterprise systems. Give your unstructured data project a kick-start with a proven, industry tested solution that brings AI, ML and NLP all under one hood, with a straight forward approach - Doc-Tags / xAIgent! Giving Insightful Access to Topical Knowledge.

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Doc-Tags Automating Access to Insightful Topical Knowledge   

Tech Tip

      Implementing xAIgent API Web Service  
      Text, Email, HTML ... from any Text of any Subject domain, the xAIgent API Automatically turns content of any subject matter into Contextually Accurate lists of Key Phrases.  Available for English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish - xAIgent is ready to turn your content into Digital Gold.

The following discussion illustrates how to incorporate the xAIgent service in to a Visual Studio project.

1. Add the service to the project.

In the Solution Explorer, right mouse click on the References node.
      Implementing xAIgent - Sample Code, Add Service to the Project  



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Solutions Schedule COM v16.0

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