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Multi Resource Scheduling (MRS)

SOLUTIONS SCHEDULE .NET  v9 The need for Muli-Resource Scheduling (MRS) has never been so apparent. Placing finite resources - equipment, people, place, money, time - those critical elements required to complete a planned activity in the right places, at the right times and for the right reasons.

Effective management of all resources is required to achieve our desired results. Scheduling multiple resources means scheduling the right people and equipment for the right kind of job at the right time, so that enterprise profitability increases.

Elevate Multi-Resource Management on Your Terms with Solutions Schedule:
- Natural All-In-One Drag n' Drop Gantt style Interfaces
- Efficiently Plan Work around Project Schedules
- Build Better Forecasting of Workload and Resource Demand
- Know exactly the Who, What, Where, When and Why of Resource Allocation
- Optimize Resource Utilization
- Know Exactly Where Your Assets Are Deployed
- Be sure of the Right Resources, in the Right Places, at the Times, for the Right Projects, for the Right Results!

Join over 12,000 developers across hundreds of business disciplines around the world building better Multi-Resource Management - Solutions Schedule
Solutions Schedule - End To End Supply Chain Visibility

Understanding Large Language Models (LLM's)

    "When ChatGTP was introduced last fall, it sent shockwaves through the technology industry and the larger world. Machine learning researchers had been experimenting wiht large language models (LLM's) for a few years by that point (and much longer)..."  
Understanding Large Language Models  
Here's a gentle primer on understanding large language models by Timothly Lee and Sean Trott... more  
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Is Your Content Findable ?

    Studies show that as much as 2.5 hours out of a knowledge worker's day is spent 'searching' for information, which also includes creating content that already exists. In rounded terms that's 25% of a person's day! Or, in monetary terms upwards of $20,000 to $30,000 annually per employee. It's time to stop searching and Start Finding!

When we say Find, we mean the moment you click the find button the most Contextually Accurate and Relevant content is presented to you. So you are not wading through mountains of content for hours in a day searching for the key pieces of content that you need now to successfully complete the task at hand.

Make Your Content Findable by first surfacing the content's metadata. Those key speaking points that give perfect insight into the relevance of that content in context of your search. DBI's patent-backed xAIgent technology gives you the running start for elevating your information findability today!

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If you read any part of understanding large language models noted above, you can start to appreciate the complexity involved in building language-based AI / ML solutions.  The patent-backed xAIgent AI Keyphrase API solution is a tried, tested and repeatably accurate developer resource that helps us make content findable.  The power behind xAIgent was developed using large languange models tailored specifically for extracting contextually accurate and relevent keyphrases from Any Subject Matter content. The true genius - 'any subject matter' content. No retaining per subject domain required!
Doc-Tags Automating Access to Insightful Topical Knowledge   

Tech Tip


Optimize Resourcing Queries with Solutions Schedule .NET v9

      We often come across unique reporting needs, such as querying a resource plan or an existing schedule for reporting all scheduled service calls for districts 5 and 6 between 6:00am and 9:00am for instance, and we want to do so expeditiously. 

In this How To we demonstrate one approach for optimizing fast reporting of appointment / time bar (schedule appointment) details implemented with Solutions Schedule for .NET.
      Solutions Schedule .NET v9 - Optimize Reporting  

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