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End To End Visibility

SOLUTIONS SCHEDULE .NET  v9 The ability to creatively present any number of resources - sound tracks, TV shows, Airplanes, Heavy Construction Equipment, Rental Fleets, Physicians, Operating Rooms... -  across an ever changing and variable timeline with Gantt style Drag and Drop precision provides Visibility. End to End Visibility.  From sourcing raw materials to production lines to having the finished product professionally installed and serviced. Developers rely upon Solutions Schedule to meet their ever changing business requirements with uncommon profitable results. Test drive Solutions Schedule today !

Solutions Schedule .NET v9.0  -  Just Released
Flexibility for Visualizing Enterprise Resource Data Your WinForms Enterprise Way!

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Solutions Schedule - End To End Supply Chain Visibility


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Making Content Findable(tm)

    A fundamental principle of infusing AI strategies into our everyday lives is to help make information - relevant information - more readily available.  The likes of ChatGTP, Bard, ChatSonic... all require a huge investment in Large Language Models (LLM's) to train for each specific AI implementation.   If getting to the gold nuggets of content secured in corporate databanks is your goal - there's no need to invest vast sums of time, energy and money to make your data silos accessible with relevant, contextual accuracy.  
Doc-Tags Automating Access to Insightful Topical Knowledge   
Here's an interesting twist for improving your own enterprise content management and there's No pre-training the AI process either. Integrate xAIgent and / or Doc-Tags automating your approach for elevating enterprise knowledge so your stakeholders can truly Find what they're looking for, when they're looking for it.  Make Your Content Findable (tm).

Let's unpack that a little bit:

The xAIgent (API) is really good at extracting Contextually Accurate and Relevant Tags (keyphrases) from Any subject matter text in six international languages. Infact, xAIgent is so good at what it does that it has its own patent-based process at its core.

Take those tags / keyphrases (or have Doc-Tags do it for you) and upscale each content file with its own set of Contextually Accurate and Relevant highlight Tags. With precision. Automatically. And Voila! In very short order you can curate and elevate your enterprise knowledge banks with super powers.

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Tech Tip


Optimize Queries with Solutions Schedule .NET

      We often come across unique reporting needs, such as querying a resource plan or an existing schedule for reporting all scheduled service calls for districts 5 and 6 between 6:00am and 9:00am for instance, and we want to do so expeditiously. 

In this How To we demonstrate one approach for optimizing fast reporting of appointment / time bar (schedule appointment) details implemented with Solutions Schedule for .NET.
      Solutions Schedule .NET v9 - Optimize Reporting  


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