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dbiGaugeWPF  -  Free New Release

Gauges, dials and progress meters allow for quick graphical representation of real-time data. Quickly create dashboards, data acquisition UI's and monitoring system presentations with dbiGaugeWPF

And, for a Limited Introductory period - dbiGaugeWPF is FREE
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    dbiGaugeWPF - Simple to Complex Data presentations for WPF Application Development 

Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning

  "Our own experience in AI shows that machines are not going to make us redundant, but that they will augment the human workforce. In truth, AI as a technology solves only half of the equation. AI technology must be contextualized in the domain of an industry, which is information that only humans possess. Therefore, people who can apply their knowledge and experience in meaningful ways with AI will be increasingly important." Sanjay Srivastava, SVP + CDO GenPact business transformation

Mr. Srivastava is right, that only human beings possess the ability to process experience, knowledge, intuition and common sense for appropriate critical outcomes. When it comes to surfacing contextualized information, there are exceptions under the AI hood however, where existing commercialized and patented digital solutions are automatically contextualizing industry domain content today. Commercialized processes that are able to discern Context Accurately and without the need of industry specific training. In other words, there are AI infused Machine Learning technologies available today that work across Industry Domains without having to be trained per Industry Subject. That means a technology that understands the construct of human language, for unbiased, objective results that are accurate and in context of any Industry subject matter at hand.
xAIgent - infusion of Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning
The Emphasis here is on the plural; near-Perfectly Accurate, Unbiased, Unsupervised AND In-Context. Bold statements that are truly demonstrable by way of a patent-backed AI + Machine Learning infused technology called xAIgent. A patent-based Digital Developer Solution operating Unsupervised, without training per specific Industry Domain, accurately processing single or collections of content as a time.

A great example of the xAIgent power can be found in the commercial application Doc-Tags 2.0, and how this commercial application is capable of distilling just the facts of the Mueller Report for example, in a matter of minutes. The Mueller Report is complex subject matter that crosses multiple Industry subject domains, Doc-Tags 2.0 presents the reader with a collection of the most important CliffNotestm style key phrase highlights for both volumes in just a matter of minutes. See some of the results here...


For an in-depth discussion of Integrating xAIgent into your own applications please see...  https://www.doc-tags.com/Developer/
      Get your FREE limited results edition of Doc-Tags today !   

Doc-Tags v2.0 

Doc-Tags 2.0 - Automatic, Unsupervised Qualitative Text Analytics  Doc-Tags 2.0 is a really nifty Windows app that not only surfaces the bare essentials and contextual facts of any text-based content, it also incorporates features for automatically adding Key Word Meta Tags to document profiles giving documents contextually accurate search definition.

Doc-Tags 2.0 keeps track of all documents that it has processed and each document's related Key Phrase / Keyword results are stored in its own local database making all activity and results easily accessible using Doc-Tag's built-in reporting.  The built-in reporting provides for accurate cross reference of all Documents and Key Terms used critically in the processed documents across all documents and in perfect context.

In essence Doc-Tags 2.0 is an easy to use mini document management solution!  And, under the limited results offering you can use Doc-Tags 2.0 for Free!   Check it out... Download Doc-Tags 2.0 Today!
    For only a couple of pennies per document, upgrade and get really detailed, granular results!  

The Document Index Generator

    Another great example of the xAIgent API delivering incredible value is demonstrated in The Document Index Generator.  Create back-of-the-book indexes quickly, accurately and with absolute unbiased objectivity in Minutes.  
    Take any one of your .docx files* and run it through The Document Index Generator online demonstration site  www.IndexDocs.com and create your very own Back-Of-The-Book Index for Free!  
    * online demonstration has a maximum file size limit of 120000 bytes  

New Releases

    Coming up soon, new releases of:  
  • Studio Controls .NET
  • Solutions Schedule WPF
  • Studio Controls COM
  • Studio Controls COM 64
    Studio Controls = https://www.dbi-tech.com/StudioControls  
    Solutions Schedule = https://www.dbi-tech.com/SolutionsSchedule

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      FoxCon Toledo is being held March 6th to 8th - Special Feature  
      Doug Hennig aka Stonefield Query will be presenting Highlights of DBI's 32-Bit + 64-Bit ActiveX controls:  ctxTreeView, ctxDropDate, ctxListBar, ctxDropMenu and others...!  
      Interested in attending, contact Bob at  FoxCon  



Component Product Services  


DBI Technologies Inc Component Software Subscription Services       
  When updating your DBI component software products via the Product Manager you will keep intact, all of the previous versions of the controls eligible under your subscription license. Need one of the older component versions later on - look no further than under C:\DBITech\Backup\*Product  -  all previous component versions will be there for you, when you need them.   
      Subscription products offer DBI component owners the best real-time, online, 24 hour service:     
  • All component updates released during the subscription
  • All product upgrades release during the subscription
  • All bug fixes Released up to and during the Subscription
  • Direct access to the product’s Technical Support team
  • Online and Offline License Management
  • Online and Offline Software Activations
  • Component backward compatibility
  • Legacy Product Assistance
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