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  Calendar COM 64-Bit  v4.0 Released
  Studio Controls COM 64-Bit  v6.0 Released
  Studio Controls COM  v6.0 Released
  Solutions Schedule + Studio Controls
  Video - Modernizing Applications with DBI Controls
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Calendar COM 64 - 3 in 1 Appointment Scheduling Calendar COM 64 - the Three-In-One Appointment Scheduling Control - version 4.0 has been released offering new touch screen gesture enhancements, new graphics enhancements and appointment handling upgrades.  See what's new...  
Studio Controls COM 64-bit - 29 ActiveX Controls for UI and UX application design - Access, VB, C++, VFP, Studio Controls COM 64 - Two new controls bring the product up to 27 UI / UX design 64-bit ActiveX controls with additions including ctxHTML and ctxImage and enhancements for ctxCalendar, ctxGauge, and ctxToolbar updating image handling to 250 icons, bitmap and meta files, enhanced graphics and more.  See what's new...
Studio Controls COM - 89 Royalty Free Appointment Scheduling, Data Presentation, UI Desight Controls  Studio Controls COM  -  89 royalty-free UI / UX design and Scheduling ActiveX controls for any OLE compliant IDE. Two new controls - ctxHTML and ctxImage add to this complete set of Scheduling, Data Input, Data Presentation, Dialogue, Calendar, and Navigation software components.  See what's new...  

Solutions Schedule  +  Studio Controls

  Solutions Schedule WPF 4 - Drag Drop Multi Resource Gantt Style Scheduling   
  Solutions Schedule AND Studio Controls have long been great partners - a match made in developer heaven.

When it comes to giving visual representation of Enterprise Resource Data - thinking for a moment of the hundreds of Frontline Healthcare professionals and their working zones - hospitals, clinics, remote emergency rooms, operating rooms, ER's... where is their expertise best utilized, when are those professionals available, when are those facilities available and at what times, what patients are they seeing - it boils down to what we call the five dimensions of Resource Scheduling.

Enterprise Scheduling would be easy if it were only two dimensional but that's never the case and to bring these complex data points into a quickly useable, intuitively visual format takes some special tools. Step in Solutions Schedule and the Time Tabling, Reporting, Calendar and UI Design tools of Studio Controls. Visual Acuity with adept Drag and Drop Data Visualization features.   Complex made a whole lot easier!
  Studio Controls :  https://www.dbi-tech.com/StudioControls  
  Solutions Schedule :  https://www.dbi-tech.com/SolutionsSchedule  
Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc.


  Documents, audio recordings, videos, images – data is growing daily in the business world and most of it is unstructured, which makes it difficult for many organizations to extract insights and actionable information for improved business operations and smarter decision-making. These business issues are now changing with the rise of new AI technologies, machine learning and natural language processing in today’s search and analytics solutions. From e-commerce and customer service, to intranet portals and collaboration, business leaders hungry for greater automation and intelligence are finding opportunities to improve processes and better empower their workforce to drive transformative results.

AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing can be complicated strategies to integrate into Enterprise systems. Give your unstructured data project a kick-start with a commercially proven and industry tested solution that brings AI, ML and NLP all under one hood and with a straight forward API - Doc-Tags / xAIgent!

We're making Complex Data Driven Decisions a whole lot easier!
Investigate Doc-Tags Today  =  https://www.Doc-Tags.com/Developer

Modernize Your Applications by Doug Hennig  (VFF)

  Doug Hennig (Stonefield Query) is a seasoned object oriented programmer who has an extreme passion for Visual FoxPro among other Visual Studio IDE's and Web platforms.  In this video, first aired at Virtual FoxFest late last year, Doug takes a quick look at how modernizing an application can be done quickly featuring a number of his favourite DBI ActiveX controls.  Be sure to check out the next https://VirtualFoxFest.com - May 2021.  


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