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  End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

  You have clarity of vision. You understand scope of the presenting challenge. You have all of the data. Now put that vision together with a fast, efficient UX design that appropriately presents the multi-dimensional collection of those data points for End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility.

Visibility presents opportunity for optimisation at every juncture of the supply chain continuum. #Solutions Schedule and #Studio Controls are Your Visual Enterprise Resource Planning and Reporting component software solutions.
  End to End Supply Chain Visibility with Solutions Schedule  
  Giving Developers the Tools to perfectly Visualize Enterprise Resource Data  Solutions Schedule and Studio Controls    


      Yes! Findability.
We can search all day long for critical information and still not 'find' what we actually want. Need. In fact, research indicates that we can spend in excess of 20% of our day looking, searching for information. Think of the frustration and the mediocrity that can fuel, just becasue we can't find the content we know that is there. Never mind, the lost productivity.

Search is out. Find is all-in. And, the results to make Find happen - Metadata. Concise, Contextually Accurate collections of keyphrases that uniquely describe, in bullet point effeciency what each file, email, url, piece of content is about. We're not talking about making each content author, researcher, content currator stop what they do best to read and extract keyphrases and then manually tag each file. Nay, Nay! We're talking about taking what we know best of AI and ML and applying those technologies in a special sauce that allows us to be the best we can possibly be.

Want to see it in action?
Doc-Tags is a real life demonstration of what we're talking about. In this full functioning application / demonstration, the solution processes text files and Word documents, automatically extracting the contextually accurate and relevent keyphrases, applies those automatically extracted Keyphrases to the content profile (tagging), increasing that content's findability, ten-fold.

Test drive it for yourself - and see what it's like to Find what you're actually looking for.  Want to build your own custom Topics Assistant solution - navigate to the Developer's section and take advantage today!


Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)  -  For a change of pace, here's a really good article on the what the future of AI, ML, neural networks and other good things may look like down the road. An Informative, engaging, enlightening, entertaining article by Melissa Heikkiläarchive + Will Douglas Heaven, MIT inspired by Yann LeCun (chief scientist at Meta) - worth the four minute read. Enjoy...

Managing Enterprise Informational Assets - Metadata    


    Supply Chains and their Resource Management are as varied as they are complex and no matter how you slice it there are always two finite qualities to every aspect - Time and that all important critical item - Resources.

Whether you're receiving loads of raw materials for shipping across the Indian Ocean, coordinating the processing of potatoes into our favourite salty snacks, coordinating airline maintenance and flight crew scheduling - there's a critical resource being planned over an ever changing, variable timeline.
Solutions Schedule COM | Solutions Schedule COM 64
DBI's new release of Solutions Schedule COM and Solutions Schedule COM 64 along with the next releases of Solutions Schedule .NET are all about  maximizing corporate resource availability. With maximized resource availability asset loss is reduced, asset efficiency is optimizded for a positive bottom line outcome.

Giving Developers the Tools to perfectly Visualize Enterprise Resource Data - Solutions Schedule COM and Solutions Schedule COM 64 


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