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Planning Delectable Resources

Solutions Schedule by DBI Technologies Inc. Are your enterprise resources in the Right Places? At the Right Times? For the Right Reasons? 

Working on a century and a half of perfection, Bradbury's Cheese delivers its extensively delectable flavours of British, Irish and European cheese to their customers where ever they are around world. A level of dedication that requires planning and impecable execution. Planning, Scheduling and Execution aided by Solutions Schedule making sure these delectible resources are in their right places at the right times. 

Manage the complexities of your diverse Enterprise Resourcing with visual ease.  If you haven't test driven Solutions Schedule and Studio Controls - the Developer Go-To suite of Macro and Micro Enterprise Resource Management Software Components - Test Drive the latest editions today.

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What Happened to the Common Controls

      Microsoft Access is a 32-bit development platform and a 64-bit development platform.  Similar to VC++ you can start off with a 32-Bit codebase and compile / distribute to 32-bit AND 64-Bit environments. When Access turned the ripe old age of 15 (Access 2013) that birthday also marked the start of 64-bit support.  What happended to the Common set of developer Controls that came along with the IDE?

It's true - The Microsoft Access Common Controls have not made the transition into the 64-Bit world.  An unpleasant surprise for many in the Professional Microsoft Access Developer Network.  Disappointment need not be the case though - DBI's Studio Controls COM 64 suite of 27 ActiveX Controls and Solutions Schedule COM 64 are a better substitute even if you're working in 32-bit Access today (and thinking about 64-bit for tomorrow).

DBI's 64-Bit ActiveX Products include both 32-bit and 64-bit Appointment Scheduling, Resource Planning, Data Presentation, and UI / UX design Developer Controls.  Plus, Studio Controls COM 64 and Solutions Schedule COM 64 come with a full suite of Microsoft Access samples (in addition to C++ and .exe samples) to give even the most experienced Access Developer Guru a Quick Start on their project development.

Microsoft Access and Other ActiveX - COM IDEs    

Non-Fungible Tokens  (NFT's)

Crypto vs NFT   Heard of them?  Maybe, would like to know more...  
  Here's a really good discussion of NFT's courtesy of Above The Law and an interview with Jeremy Goldman.  What are Non-Fungible Token's? As opposed to Fungible Tokens such as Bitcoin...  
  Three Questions for an NFT Pioneer     https://bit.ly/3iuWTjv  

Metadata Management

Gartner Group defines Metadata Management this way... “The business discipline for managing the metadata about the information assets of the organization. Metadata is “information that describes various facets of an information asset to improve its usability throughout its life cycle.””

 In that context, expressing the key discussion points of a document in concise, relevant, contextual keyphrases would precisely describe the facets of that target document and improve the Document's usability when those keyphrases are automatically added as Tags to the Document's profile.

That said, here are a few xAIgent Powered Products to help your Entnerprise Information Assets be even better:

Doc-Tags.com - Automated Document Tagging for fast, Relevant information retrieval 
IndexDocs.coma Truly Automated solution for creating Back-Of-The-Book Indexes 
Help Me Study Guide - A free study tool helping All Students Ask and Answer the right Questions from their own notes and supplied text
xAIgent.com -   A RESTful API for extracting Accurate, Contextually Relevant Metadata from any Text

Grab some of your favourite text and Test Drive - xAIgent Online Today
Test Drive Doc-Tags Today !   www.Doc-Tags.com
Managing Enterprise Informational Asset Metadata with Doc-Tags     

Drag Drop in Microsoft Access

DBI Best Practices for Implementing ActiveX and .NET controls   We receive many requests for how to implement, or is it even possible to implement, Drag and Drop in Microsoft Access?  The lack of a built-in DragDrop event for Controls in MS Access has been the bane of many developers.  There is a solution!

Here's how to implement Drag Drop in Microsoft Access (32 Bit and/or 64 Bit):


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