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    >  Modernizing Applications with DBI Controls  
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  We all want Contextually Accurate, Relevant Document Retrieval and Search Results. That only happens if the content we are searching for / retrieving has been appropriately Tagged.

Doc-Tags uniquely parses text (plain text, HTML, Email, Word Documents) of any subject domain, into unbiased, contextually accurate and document-specific key phrases or meta data, in six international languages (English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish). In this context, Doc-Tags gives each processed document a key-phrase CliffNotes™ style profile summary placing those highly relevant and contextually accurate keywords (tags) into the Tags Property of the document’s meta data profile, Automatically. For the best of Intelligent Search and Retrieval.

Making Complex Data Driven Decisions Easier.
Investigate Doc-Tags Today  =  https://www.Doc-Tags.com

Solutions Schedule WPF v4.0

  Solutions Schedule WPF 4 - Drag Drop Multi Resource Gantt Style Scheduling   
  New Release - Full Solutions Schedule WPF v4 Details Here:   
Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc.

Up Next...

    Coming up next in the component product line up:  
  • Studio Controls COM  v6.0
  • Studio Controls COM 64  v4.0
  • ...and much more
  Studio Controls - https://www.dbi-tech.com/StudioControls  
  Solutions Schedule - https://www.dbi-tech.com/SolutionsSchedule  

Modernize Your Applications by Doug Hennig  (VFF)

  Doug Hennig (Stonefield Query) is a seasoned object oriented programmer who has an extreme passion for Visual FoxPro among other Visual Studio IDE's and Web platforms.  In this video, first aired at Virtual FoxFest this past October, Doug takes a quick look at how modernizing an application can be done quickly featuring a number of his favourite DBI ActiveX controls.  Enjoy...  

Time Limited Special Offer

  Looking to renew your Appointment Scheduling, Calendaring, Data Presentation, UI Design, Snap-in Reporting or Multi Resource Scheduling product subscriptions - now is a great time!


  Held Over  
  Special NEW YEAR Promotion ending January 31, 2021  


Component Product Services  


    Subscription products offer DBI component owners great value, online, 24 hours a day:     
DBI Technologies Inc Component Software Subscription Services  
  • All component updates released during the subscription
  • All product upgrades release during the subscription
  • All bug fixes Released up to and during the Subscription
  • Direct access to the product’s Technical Support team
  • Online and Offline License Management
  • Online and Offline Software Activations
  • Component backward compatibility
  • Legacy Product Assistance
  Have an Expired Subscription - Renew it Today  




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