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WinForms in a 64-bit Visual Studio World


Visual Studio 2022  -  64-bit WinForms Path Forward
"As a part of a community that thrives on innovation and growth, WinForms developers are often pushing boundaries to create new possibilities. Developers are also responsible for the maintenance of mission critical line of business software, often well over a decade in the making. We value your trust and your passion for creating excellent software solutions with our tools. The transition from 32-bit to 64-bit in Visual Studio 2022 has created some complexities..."

DBI's .NET controls found in Solutions Schedule .NET and Studio Controls .NET have been ready for the 64-bit computing world from the get go. Many of you will remember discussions and our recommendations to set your project references and build for 'anyCPU'.  Doing so aided in deployment strategies and now with VS 2022 in the 64-bit world your transition and tool sets are right in step.

For the full Microsoft WinForms in a 64-bit World discussion please see...

Project Planning and Analysis with Solutions Schedule

SSNETE Win Tablet  -  Enterprise Resource Visibility We've talked about Scheduling, Calendaring, Logistics, Supply Chain, production planning, airline route scheduling, aircraft maintenance, shipping lanes, patient appointments, surgery scheduling... Why? In context of a Picture is worth a Thousand Words - being able to visually articulate what an enterprises' resources are doing at any given time, for what reason, and where (the 5-W's) allows for intuitive planning, re-adjustment, anomaly management and just plain old resource optimization.  

New Gantt Sample Application with the Source Code

As noted above, for years we have discussed development of scheduling applications in terms of Multiple Resources and Enterprise Resource Planning.  In that context, often one resource and the activity it represents is not dependant upon another, even though we use Gantt style drag and drop functionality for managing enterprise resource optimization. 

Through all of those disussions we have never presented, in a source code sample, how developers can exercise Solutions Schedule for actual project management style functionality. Time to fix that. To be included with the upcoming release of Solutions Schedule .NET, you will find an encapsulated Project Management (sample) application, using Solutions Schedule .NET's built-in XML data management capabilities.
 Solution Schedule
      Solutions Schedule .NET v9 - Project Management Gantt  
      If you would like a sneak peak at the Project Gantt Sample application please let us know  =  
    -  Making Content Findable    Over last number of months we have been bringing together all of the xAIgent related assets - xAIgent, Doc-Tags, The Document Index Generator, Help Me Study and the SEO Assistant under one roof.  Tailored for developers with new code samples along with ready-to-go applications imagining the potential of your creativity.   
  Please navigate to  and make your content finadable  

Tech Tip - Control not rendering in Evaluation

      If the demo version of a control is not rendering properly, the issue is most likely related to user rights on your development system.  This can occur if your choice of IDE is run without full elevation/privileges on a current Windows system with UAC enabled.  
      To run your IDE with elevated privileges, follow these steps:  
TechTip - Control not displaying during Evaluation - UAC    1. Open the start menu  
  2. Browse "All Apps "  
  3. Navigate to "Microsoft Access 2016" for example  
4. Right-click the IDE shortcut, select "more" and click "Run as administrator"
  5. Click "Yes" on the next prompt  
  Your IDE will now have proper elevation, and the controls will be able to properly communicate with the registry and render themselves at design and run time.  
      You will need to elevate the IDE every time you want to use the controls inside your IDE, while evaluating a component product.  
      When running the EXE samples included with Solutions Schedule or Studio Controls, right-click the EXE file and select "Run as Administrator" from the displayed context menu.  
      When opening the DBI samples through the "Samples/Demos" tab of the Product Manager, they are automatically elevated (as the Product Manager is has already been elevated).  
      NOTE: manually elevating your IDE is only a requirement when working with the demo version of the controls. The fully licensed versions of the controls do not have this behavior (though we always recommend running development platforms with elevated rights).  


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