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Making Knowledgeable Content Findable
Knowledge Management World 2023 #KMWorld
Our mission was straight foreward, demonstrate how xAIgent turns a commonly time intensive search for information into a Finding the contextually accurate and relevant content we need to have at our finger tips solution.

The message - stop searching and start finding with xAIgent was well received. Many of the conference attendees were on the hunt for solutions that would help their organizations get an understanding of exactly what information they actually have in their document stores. A daunting task recognized by most with a fear of the potential costs of doing so.  xAIgent is a great way to start without an impact on current budgets.

Stop searching and Start Finding with xAIgent powered solutions!

Simple Looking... Is Usually Not

SSNETE Win Tablet  -  Enterprise Resource Visibility  We've talked about Scheduling, Calendaring, Logistics, Supply Chain, production planning, airline route scheduling, aircraft maintenance, shipping lanes, patient appointments, surgery scheduling... Why? In the context of... 'A Picture is worth a Thousand Words' - being able to visually articulate what an enterprises' resources are doing at any given time, for what reason, and where (the 5-W's) allows for intuitive planning, re-adjustment, anomaly management and just plain old resource optimization.

As developers, we know the more intuitive and natural an interaction is with our software and how the software manages the fluid presentation of data, all of our hard work has really taken place behind the scenes. Take for instance Solutions Schedule and its capacity to present up to five different data dimensions in a single view using an intuitive drag and drop Gantt style User Experience. The complexity is under the covers.

Case Study


Field Service Management

    Field Service, those fine folks who come on demand when water backs up, hot water is ice cold, A/C has turned to furnace... those demands turn into demands for flexible and accommodating resource management and logistics planning. Functionality that is not usually found in packaged software.  Many of DBI' customers, PureLogic, PepsiCo, Laminaar, Roto Rooter... as examples, select Solution Schedule and Studio Controls UX components to provide essential resource planning software functionality at a fraction of the cost of building custom, end-to-end resource visibility.   continue...  
      Solutions Schedule .NET v9 - Optimize Reporting  
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