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  Solutions Schedule WPF  v4.0  
  Text Annotation, Labeling, Document Tagging  
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  We take inspiration from you, the Best Customers in the world. How you stretch, twist, exercise every feature and then some of DBI's controls drives our inspiration to build for you, better products.  
  The Best Customers in the World are integrating Solutions Schedule, Studio Controls and Doc-Tags/xAIgent into front line Healthcare solutions, Distribution and Logistics systems, Asset Management, Accounting and Financial Reporting, Video Search and Indexing systems - digital solutions that meet the demands of today.  
  Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Solutions Schedule WPF version 4.0 incorporating new resource list node item Drag and Drop, Resource List Multi-Line Text Wrapping, new Schedule Area TimeLine features, TimeBar enhancements and more!  
  Solutions Schedule WPF 4 - Drag Drop Multi Resource Gantt Style Scheduling   
  Full Solutions Schedule WPF v4 Details Here:   
  With each license of Solutions Schedule WPF v4.0 receive an equal complimentary license of Calendar WPF !  
  Take Advantage Today!  
  Purchase - https://www.dbi-tech.com/Store_SolutionsScheduleWPF.aspx  

Automated Document Tagging 

  Doc-Tags is a free to use Windows application created for processng Word Documents and Text files, exposing each document's key phrases (Tags) with contextually relevant accuracy. The Key Phrase results (Tags) of each document's processing are placed automatically into the documents profile Tag Property giving the copy of the Doc-Tags' processed document a high degree of relevance with contextual accuracy. A highly sought after tool in Content  and Document Management Systems.

Set Doc-Tags to process individual files or directories of files and each document processed logged in the Doc-Tags database along with each Key Phrase Tag result for quick referential reporting.  Search and Compare files and directories of files for keywords and key phrases (Tags) using Doc-Tags' built-in reporting. Need a more specialized reporting function - customize your own reports using the Doc-Tags XML Database.

A whole new world of document insight is at your finger tips...


Doc-Tags powered by xAIgent - Automated Document Tagging, Data Labeling, Data Annotation  
Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc.

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  Studio Controls - https://www.dbi-tech.com/StudioControls  
  Solutions Schedule - https://www.dbi-tech.com/SolutionsSchedule  

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