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DBI News Bulletin - JULY 2019 - Solutions Schedule .NET v8.0 

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    Solutions Schedule .NET v8.0  
    Special Promotion  
    Keyword + Key Phrase Abstracts  
    Working With Multiple Schedule Objects  
    Southwest Fox 2019  
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Solutions Schedule .NET 8.0 incorporates a number of great new features, function enhancements and fixes elevating the display and interaction with Enterprise Resource Data.  To mention just a few...  Individual Time Distance per Schedule Object, new User Drawn Gantt and Resource List Grid areas and more!    see new...  
    Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise v8.0
      See What's New...  
 ActiveX + .NET Controls by DBI Technologies Inc.        

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Keyword + Key Phrase Abstracts 

      Creating Keyword and Key Phrase Abstracts

An Abstract is a concise description of a document intended to help the reader quickly ascertain a document's purpose and importantly the contextual relevance for the reader. In a web perspective, an abstract could be used for the Page Description - an excellent resource for search engines.

Distilling a document of multiple paragraphs, pages or chapters into a four or five sentence abstract is at not an easy task. Being abel to extract a descending hierarchical list of contextually accurate Keywords and Key Phrases from a document would give the author a quick start on crafting an abstract based on those contextually accurate key phrases. Glue the Key Phrases together with the appropriate conjugative words and away you go.

For lengthy technical publications, research papers, theses and the like, being able to extract contextually accurate key phrases and keywords, which are often requirements for pier publishing, is a significant time saver. Doc-Tags and / or xAIgent are the right tools for this critical aspect of concise synopsis presentations.



Tech Tip


Working with Multiple Schedule Objects - Solutions Schedule .NET  8.0

      dbiSchedule.dll will present one or many different schedule objects, each schedule object defined by a start date/time and end date/time, each with its own respective time type ruler (timeline). Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise contains a powerful set of features allowing developers to present multiple schedules simultaneously.  
DBI Tech Tip - Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise    
  For example, to create a schedule interface that presents Monday to Friday with only hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, the developer would create five dbiScheduleObject objects (one for each day Monday to Friday) with a time span from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and add them to the dbiSchedule control's Schedules collection.

NOTE - The time type and hours for each schedule are unique and therefore may be different for each schedule object (i.e. one schedule based upon days and another based on hours). Each schedule object is placed side by side in the schedule viewing area. The control navigates to the various schedules by changing the value of the horizontal scroll bar of the schedule area (programmatically or by user interaction with the scroll bar).
    Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise v8.0 - Muliple Schedule Objects One Instance
      For a complete discussion of all features please see the dbiSchedule Help File included with Solutions Schedule .NET v8.0  

Southwest Fox

Southwest Fox 2019     The sixteenth annual SWFox Conference is coming up fast - October 24 to 27, 2019! Speakers are confirmed, topics and presentations are being fine-tuned for entertaining and informative performances covering:  
  • Extending VFP
  • Moving VFP Applications Forward
  • including VFP Advanced aka 64-bit VFP
  • Solidifying VFP Development
  • Technology and Business for the Developer
  • Web and Mobile
      Full Details Here - http://www.SWFox.Net  



Subscription Renewals  


DBI Technologies Inc Component Software Subscription Services       
  When updating your DBI component software products via the Product Manager you will keep intact, all of the previous versions of the controls eligible under your subscription license. Need one of the older component versions later on - look no further than under C:\DBITech\Backup\*Product  -  all previous component versions will be there for you, when you need them.   
      Subscription products offer DBI component owners the best real-time, online, 24 hour service:     
  • All component updates released during the subscription period
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  • Direct access to the product’s Technical Support team
  • Online and Offline License Management
  • Online and Offline Software Activations
  • Component backward compatibility
  • Legacy Product Assistance
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