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dbiGaugeWPF  -  Released

Gauges, dials and progress meters allow for quick graphical representation of real-time data. Quickly create dashboards, data acquisition UI's and monitoring system presentations with dbiGaugeWPF

And, for a Limited Introductory period - dbiGaugeWPF is FREE ! 
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    dbiGaugeWPF - Simple to Complex Data presentations for WPF Application Development 

Doc-Tags  v2.0

Doc-Tags 2.0 - Automatic, Unsupervised Qualitative Text Analytics  "Our own experience in AI shows that machines are not going to make us redundant, but that they will augment the human workforce. In truth, AI as a technology solves only half of the equation. AI technology must be contextualized in the domain of an industry, which is information that only humans possess. Therefore, people who can apply their knowledge and experience in meaningful ways with AI will be increasingly important." Sanjay Srivastava, SVP + CDO GenPact business transformation

Mr. Srivastava is right, that only human beings possess the ability to process experience, knowledge, intuition and common sense for appropriate critical outcomes. When it comes to surfacing contextualized information, there are exceptions under the AI hood however, where existing commercialized and patented digital solutions are automatically contextualizing industry domain content today. Commercialized processes that are able to discern Context Accurately and without the need of industry specific training. In other words, there are AI infused Machine Learning technologies available today that work across Industry Domains without having to be trained per Industry Subject. That means a technology that understands the construct of human language, for unbiased, objective results that are accurate and in context of any Industry subject matter at hand.

The Emphasis here is on the plural; near-Perfectly Accurate, Unbiased, Unsupervised AND In-Context. Bold statements that are truly demonstrable by way of a patent-backed AI + Machine Learning infused technology called xAIgent. A patent-based Digital Developer Solution operating Unsupervised, without training per specific Industry Domain, accurately processing single or collections of content as a time.

A great example of the xAIgent power can be found in the commercial application Doc-Tags 2.0, and how this commercial application is capable of distilling just the facts of the Mueller Report for example, in a matter of minutes. The Mueller Report is complex subject matter that crosses multiple Industry subject domains, Doc-Tags 2.0 presents the reader with a collection of the most important Coles Notes / Cliff Notes style keyprase highlights for both volumes in just a matter of minutes. See some of the results here...

For an in-depth discussion of Integrating xAIgent into your own applications please see...
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Review and What's New 

      For the better part of twenty three years our customers have integrated Solutions Schedule and Studio Controls into their complex data solutions with absolute precision. Whether you're visualizing operating room resource data, Natural Resource development onboarding or fleet management, Solutions Schedule + Studio Controls are your precision choice.    
      Coming in Q-One of 2020 - the next release of Solutions Schedule WPF and Studio Controls .NET. Watch for your Winter Edition of the DBI News Bulletin in the New Year.    
      Solutions Schedule + Studio Controls  



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