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  Studio Controls .NET  v1.6 Released  
New Visual C++ and ActiveX Samples
  Smarter not Harder  
  Promotion Ending  
  Component Product Services  
  Flexibility. Software developers are creative and their creativity necessitates flexibility especially when it comes to their ToolBox.  From the choice of development environment to the full selection of productivity design controls for delivering effective presentations and prominent output - a developers' creativity necessitates choice and that choice demands flexibility. DBI's Studio Controls, Solutions Schedule and xAIgent products provide support for IDE's across the spectrum and offer superior presentation and Enterprise Data visualization flexibility for developers around the world.

Found in arrays of industry applications from production management systems to space exploration and James Webb Space Telescope, to financial data reporting systems to flight management systems and contextual legal precedence search - DBI's component products have built-in flexibility to support the demands of developers around the world.
Visual Studio, VFP, VC++, VB, Delphi, LabVIEW, Visual Cobol, Visual RPG, Microsoft Access  

Studio Controls .NET 1.6  Now Shipping

  New customization enhanced and updated controls found in Studio Controls .NET offering Windows developers 18 royalty-free .NET controls for Outlook style scheduling to snap-in reporting, navigation to natural end user UI design presentations and more...  
  New User Drawn Customization Functionality and more...
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Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc.

Tops Again...

For the Fourteenth year in a row DBI has been awarded a Top Enterprise Component Software honour by ComponentSource, the Software Super Store for Developers and IT Pros.

DBI's component software achievements would not be possible without YOU, our engaged and responsive customers who challenge us with creative development projects, demanding data presentation requirements and your patronage of our Enterprise Scheduling, Data Management, UI Design and Text Analytics component software and services.

Getting our products and services into your hands would not be possible without the great partnerships we have with our Value Added Resellers like ComponentSource.

VC++ and ActiveX Code Samples

Visual C++ Component Samples from DBI Technologies Inc.   DBI's ActiveX Code Samples for Studio Controls COM and Studio Controls COM 64-Bit are now available in full documented form for Visual C++.  Download your 42 demo collection of VC++ ActiveX Code Samples along with the accompanying control wrappers Today...!  



Smarter not Harder

xAIgent - Automatic Key Phrase Content Tagging for Content and Document Management It's too hot and CEO's are impatiently looking for innovative approaches to increase Enterprise Value - time to work even smarter than harder.

Employ DBI's patent-backed advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning xAIgent API to express meaningful value from the Yotabytes (1024) of unstructured information coveted by our organizations. xAIgent will give you the simplest access to Contextual Accurate data retrieval possible in a Developer Utility.

Give research and to be published works back-of-the-book Indexes in minutes - accurately and with uncommon context:

Increase the value of Enterprise Search and Information Retrieval ten-fold with Contextually Accurate Meta Data:

Automatically add Contextually Accurate meta data for Web Pages and whole Web Sites - published or to be published with customized precision: 
  Check it all out here...  



Special Promotion Ending

    If you're looking to acquire a great set of Appointment Scheduling, Calendaring, Data Presentation, UI Design, Snap-in Reporting and Multi Resource Scheduling Controls for your Toolbox - now is a great time...  


    Special Promotion ends June 30, 2020  


Component Product Services  


    Subscription products offer DBI component owners great value, online, 24 hours a day:     
DBI Technologies Inc Component Software Subscription Services  
  • All component updates released during the subscription
  • All product upgrades release during the subscription
  • All bug fixes Released up to and during the Subscription
  • Direct access to the product’s Technical Support team
  • Online and Offline License Management
  • Online and Offline Software Activations
  • Component backward compatibility
  • Legacy Product Assistance
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