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  A Notable Event in 2022 - James Web Space Telescope
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Notable Data Visualization

Visualizing Enterprise Data - JWST  The successful launch of the James Web Space Telescope (JWST) has demonstrated years of advanced technology development that Ball Aerospace and many other industry partners at Goddard Space Flight Center undertook, starting back in 1996. Getting to launch day 2022 included years of rigorous test and validation processes. Multitudes of test and data acquisition systems used during the development of the James Webb Space Telescope (NASA, CSA, ESA) captured millions of data points. Ball Aerospace have Long relied upon DBI's enterprise Data Visualization components to make those critical data points usefully visible, providing actionable data results. We were excited to witness the success of JWST launch and the ingenuity of NASA, Ball Aerospace, the Canadian Space Agency, European Space Agency and their industry partners.

Enterprise Data Visualization Controls...



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Warehouse Scheduling Source Code Solution

      The DBi Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework (WSF) is a .NET development Framework Solution designed for warehouse, distribution centre and logistics organizations looking for a trusted way to implement a standards-based Supply Chain Visibility Solution.  The DBi Warehouse Scheduling Framework is a full warehouse shipments and scheduling source code solution complete with warehouse scheduling objects, reporting, data connections and more.

The DBi Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework is available for the asking. A subscription license of Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise and its companion site license of Studio Controls .NET will set the stage for you.
Source Code - Warehouse Scheduling Framework    

Making Content Findable(tm)

    Research indicates that as much as 2.5 hours out of a knowledge worker's day is spent 'searching' for information, which also includes creating content that already exists. In rounded terms that's 25% of a person's day! Or, in monetary terms upwards of $20,000 to $30,000 annually per employee. It's time to stop searching and Start Finding!

When we say Find, we mean the moment you click the find button the most Contextually Accurate and Relevant content is presented to you. So you are not wading through mountains of content for hours in a day searching for the key pieces of content that you need Now to successfully complete the task at hand.

Make Make Content Findable by first surfacing the content's metadata. Those key speaking points that give the perfect insight into the relevance of that content in context of your search. DBI's patent-backed xAIgent technology gives you a running start for building your own custom Tagging solution. OR, start with the commercial app Doc-Tags ( Elevate your information findability today!

Investigate Doc-Tags Today  =
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Doc-Tags Automating Access to Insightful Topical Knowledge   

Tech Tip

Implementing the xAIgent developer API Web Service

      Text, Email, HTML ... from any Text of any Subject domain, the xAIgent API Automatically turns content of any subject matter into Contextually Accurate lists of Key Phrases.  Available for English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish - xAIgent is ready to turn your content into Digital Gold.

The following discussion illustrates how to incorporate the xAIgent service in to a Visual Studio project.

1. Add the service to the project.

In the Solution Explorer, right mouse click on the References node.
      Implementing xAIgent - Sample Code, Add Service to the Project  

Coming Up

Solutions Schedule .NET version 9.0

  • Enhanced UserDrawn Functionality
  • New Vertical and Horizontal Scrollbar Functionality
  • New Image Management
  • Enhanced Control Drawing Features
  • and more...
Solutions Schedule .NET - WinForms ERP Component Software


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