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For registered licensees

Please Note: These updates include only those components for which "bugs" have been identified and fixed. Enhancements to components are acquired by purchasing product updates.

License files (LIC) are not included as it is presumed that you are already in possession of these files.

You will need the password found in the cover letter that shipped with your product to extract the components. If you have misplaced your original documentation and you do not have your "updates" password, please submit a request using the "Support Request" form.

Update Release Note:  DBI�s component products are maintained on a revision cycle based on projected production release timelines and in coordination with Microsoft�s major releases of their IDE products. Maintenance cycles are influenced by market conditions, however, it is DBI�s policy to release maintenance updates for component products on a regular basis as dictated by support directives and the DBI production team.


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