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DBI has been and continues to be a proud supporter of the Visual FoxPro developer community. All of DBI's current COM-based component products include Visual FoxPro sample applications, Demo's and technical support provided at the code level.

If you haven't already, now's a great time to download the current Windows certified and supported Studio Controls for COM and/or Solutions Schedule for COM and take advantage of the only Scheduling and UI presentation controls designed for and supported in Visual FoxPro!

Sedna Controls  -  Since the release of Visual FoxPro 9 (SP2) in 2007 and the special DBI component product offering - Sedna Controls - that accompanied the release there have been many changes to the Windows operating system and approaches to using the IDE itself.


 With all of these changes there has been a growing need from the VFP community to have current supported and Windows 7 certified components. To answer this need and provide the technical support and quality component products our customers have come to expect, the Sedna Controls special product offering, which no longer met the current needs of the community, was discontinued. 


DBI's research and development efforts are focused on Studio Controls for COM - a product targeted specifically for the Visual Fox Pro community with sample applications and demo's written in VFP, with technical supported provided at the code level and a complete set of controls continuously updated and certified for Microsoft's current Windows operating systems.

 Studio Controls for COM and Solutions Schedule for COM.

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