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Solutions Schedule for .NET v3.1  -  Released



November 2009  (Winnipeg)    DBI Technologies Inc., the Windows development community seven-time award winning provider of scheduling and interface design component software, is proud to announce the release of Solutions Schedule for .NET v3.1.  This new version of Solutions Schedule for .NET provides Microsoft Smart Client and Windows Forms application developers new time sensitive features, allowing scheduling pracitioners to finitely schedule multiple resources (hundreds or thousands) with surgical precision over any combination of timelines. DBI's Scheduling component software is found in commercial enterprise software from Microsoft Great Plains SL to critical production line management software at PepsiCo Inc. to Healthcare solutions from McKesson and hospitality solutions from a host of industry providers. DBI's Scheduling component software products are the default choice of the top Windows developers who in turn are supporting their enterpises in all four corners of the world.


Value is more important than ever, competitive advantage critical and together these two factors become a winning combination. DBI's scheduling component software has provided the critical elements used in creative solutions that bring to bear the right resources, in the right places and at the right times with ease and visual precision. " Our clients are delivering software with actionable results providing an unbeatable combination of value and competitive advantage. "


"We're amazed at how far DBI's Scheduling controls have advanced! We started using Solutions Schedule in 1999 and even back then DBI's scheduling controls had functionality not found anywhere else. Today, the advancements you have made are outstanding. We look forward to using  them for another ten years!"  Frank Gary, Hospitality and Reservation systems.


"Visual Studio 2008 provides improved application development performance and with the addition of DBI's components, we've exceeded our expectations for driving our products to market" said Saul Kaplan of MacroMatix. DBI's Scheduling and UI design controls allow real-time interactions and visual presentation of our data in multiple dimensions. Being able to quickly implement advanced scheduling functionality with Windows-style presenations using DBI components has allowed us to increase our user adoption rates in a fiercely competitive market place" said Kaplan.


Value includes being able to provide an outstanding developer experience, a tenant of good business and a point of pride at DBI. The release of Solutions Schedule for .NET v3.1 offers Windows developers a whole new level of service, functionality and a renewed developer experience." 

Great software is inspired from outstanding developer experiences. Experiences that extend right through the IDE to the component software used to create a program's first impression. Impressions that keep end-users coming back for more.


A single developer s license of Solutions Schedule for .NET - Standard Edtion is USD $989. Complete product details including samples with integrated Property, Event and Method viewers in VB.NET, C# and Smart Client formats can be found at:



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