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DBI Technologies Inc. Proudly Announces Visual Studio 2013
Support for Studio Controls & Solutions Schedule


November 2013, Winnipeg, MB.  -  DBI Technologies Inc., the leading innovator of enterprise resource planning, multi resource scheduling, resource optimization and information mining component software solutions, is proud to announce the immediate support of Visual Studio 2013 in all of its flagship products. The Solutions Schedule, Studio Controls and Calendar Series component software products represent seventeen years of industry proven success that continues with Microsoft's release of Visual Studio 2013.  DBI's component software products have always offered corporate and  commercial software development teams an inexpensive, quick to market strategy for extending Outlook style appointment scheduling, for creating tailored Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and responsive - contextually accurate, relevant information mining software.


One size fits all never really works out very well in software development and when it comes to adding custom features and Windows UI designs, software developers turn to the most prominent, industry tested software providers for their reusable, snap-in software development tools. DBI's customers have relied on the Studio Controls, Solutions Schedule and Calendar series of component software products for their cutting edge design and feature capability requirements. "We have relied on DBI and their suite of Visual Studio compliant controls to give us the features, design and software resources that would just otherwise be so cost prohibitive if we were to try and grow our own. Our own customers and users would disown us if we didn't have DBI and their industry proven products," said Charles Waud.


Studio Controls and its companion product Solutions Schedule are built on component architectures that have become the platinum standard of Visual Studio Developers for their implementation of visual resource planning,  production management and optimized scheduling solutions.  Applications developed with DBI's component software products provide Enterprises with the modern tools to develop modern applications that maximize  valuable assets - applying the right resources, at the right times and in the right places. 


"Our customers look to the reliability of DBI component software products to deliver the functionality and modern designs they need for their new commercial software offerings", said Craig Gluck, VP of product development.  "There is a great deal of satisfaction when our customers lean on us for the right tools to manage and present their enterprise data and with the intuitive ease they expect to have in their modern software."  It has become more critical than ever, that the controls and component software we deliver out perform the expectations of our customers.


"We are pleased that our long time Visual Studio Partner - DBI Technologies is advancing the latest in modern software development technology,” said Tom Lindeman, Microsoft Director of the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program. “DBI's resource planning and scheduling software is based on advanced, modern development architectures enabling development teams to integrate scheduling and optimization functionality quickly and cost-effectively."


From commercially available production and service planning systems by Microsoft, to Healthcare systems from McKesson to commercial enterprise logistics solutions by Intergraph, all have a common, desirable result for effective software that allows their customers and end-users to get the job done. DBI's component software solutions offer corporate development teams a direct modern advantage that speak to bottom line successes.


Full product details, enterprise licensing and other component software solutions from DBI are found at:  https://www.dbi-tech.com or directly from one of DBI's  many world wide value added reseller partners.


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About DBI Technologies Inc.

DBI Technologies Inc. is an industry proven supplier of innovative scheduling, resource planning,  Windows User Interface design and information mining component software solutions. DBI empowers application development teams with the right tools and services that lead to repeatable success. DBI has been recognized eight years running for its award winning component based software products that support customers working in all Microsoft Windows compliant development environments (IDE). 


DBI offers creatively innovative solutions for developers and scheduling professionals wanting to incorporate industry leading modern technologies that are built on commercially sound component-based architectures.



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