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Simplifying the Complexities of Enterprise Resource Management

DBI Calendar WPF Version 2.0 Released



May 29, 2014, Winnipeg, MB   -   Taking the complexities of Enterprise Resource Management out of software development.  DBI Technologies Inc. has been providing component software solutions for Windows software developers since 1996. In that time the cleaver minds at DBI have revolutionized how custom and commercial enterprise resource management systems are thought of and implemented.  Transitioning from the early versions of Visual Studio to the latest releases of the most popular development platforms - DBI continues to revolutionize how enterprise development teams look at resource management with the release of DBI Calendar WPF version 2.0.


Straight forward and to the point - Scheduling and Calendar presentations  for WPF application development - now in one, fully customizable, royalty-free control.  DBI Calendar WPF offers many schedule and calendar views all in One Control. Primary views include; a Multi Column Day view, a multi column Resource View, a Month Calendar View and a Week Calendar View. Expand the primary views by implementing one or more of the built-in data object sorting features to create custom views and detailed schedule reports. 


Planning and Schedule Data management have been simplified. Gone are the days where developers had to create their own data entry dialogues and then separately manage their own collections of Appointments, Contacts, Locations and Tasks. DBI Calendar WPF 2.0 incorporates all of the primary data entities, data management and schedule reporting features required for building precision Enterprise Resource Planning solutions.


Great developer and end-user scheduling experiences start right here with DBI Calendar WPF 2.0. Direct appointment creation and inline editing features that include setting appointment attributes via built-in, customizable context menus offer .NET developers the right component software for building precision scheduling interfaces and smooth Calendar navigation.


"DBI has reset the bar once again when it comes to supplying Windows developers with functional, "just get the job done" Scheduling component software. They've taken their time to properly research and implement functionality and data management capabilities that will allow developers to intuitively support their global software development needs" said Craig Gluck, VP of commercial product development.  "From being able to sort and group local and global appointments based on Contact, Location and /or Task make corporate resource scheduling a snap."


For a full run-down and line item detail of the top fifty DBI Calendar WPF 2.0 features please navigate to:  Full, 30 day evaluation licenses are readily available from the product detail web page or from DBI's general download site.  A single , royalty free developer's license of DBI Calendar WPF starts at only$179.  All DBI .NET component software products come with sample applications and demo's written in C# (C Sharp) and VB .NET. Technical support is provided at the code level and each new product license includes one year of full subscription product upgrade and component update services.  DBI component products may be purchased directly from DBI or from any one of DBI's registered value added resellers serving all four corners of the globe.



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About DBI Technologies Inc.

DBI Technologies Inc. is a commercial software company focused on empowering application developers with the most flexible and respected, reusable commercial component software for Scheduling and Presentation layer application design. DBI is recognized for its award winning component products and its technical support for customers working in any .NET or COM compliant development environment.

As an industry leader in the implementation of component-based application development, DBI provides creative solutions for its customers, incorporating current technologies built on commercially sound component-based architectures.


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