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DBI News Bulletin January 2017 - Document Indexing, Enterprise Edition Upgrade
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    Special - Buy One Get One 50% OFF  
    Special Subscription Renewal Offer  
    .NET Scheduling Framework  
    Upgrading Components  
    Drag 'n Drop Resource Management - A Focused Approach  
    Text Analytics using Artificial Intelligence  
    Flexibility. Software developers are a creative bunch and their creativity requires flexibility especially when it comes to providing supporting development tools and services.  Whether it's a developer's choice of development environment (IDE) or to slice and dice and present enterprise data, DBI's component software products and services work in a wide variety of IDE's and offer superior presentation flexibility.

Found in an array of industry applications, front and centre of supporting solutions for development and manufacturing systems including the James Webb Space Telescope, to financial data reporting of the largest Investment Banks (Black Rock) to proving the context for online legal precedence search (CaseText) - DBI's component products and services have the flexibility to support the demands of developers around the world.

Front and center, DBI's appointment and multi-resource scheduling solutions provide the drag and drop user interface flexibility end-users demand. Using DBI's component software solutions, developers manage with ease multiple enterprise resources, each having multiple task entities associated with one to many appointment objects, across multiple locations. Quickly and intuitively.

Creating enterprise scheduling solutions for ERP, CRM, HMS, SCM, FSM... you name it - if there's an entity that needs to be managed across a continuum of time, DBI's collection of Scheduling, PlanningUI Design and Text Analytics component software products and services are the go-to solutions for enterprise developers.

Tested – Certified – Supported – Every Control
Making your enterprise resource planning and scheduling project development profitable.
Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc. 
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    Special Subscription Renewal Offer  
      Every now and then it's nice to have a deadline that's a bit of a moving target. Here's one of those occasions - if your DBI product subscription renewal slipped by you, meaning that you don't have immediate direct access to your product's full online services including:  
DBI Technologies Inc Component Software Subscription Services    
  • Online, 24 Hour Software Activations
  • Online, 24 Hour License Management
  •  Direct access to the product’s technical support group
  •  All Component updates released during the subscription period
  •  All Product Upgrades released during the subscription period
  •  All Bug Fixes as they are released
  •  Archived installs - previous version installs
  •  Component Backward Compatibility
      ... let's move the target to May 19th, 2017 and give you full subscription renewal discounts while we're at it. Purchase a New Subscription by May 19th and SAVE 50% !  
    .NET Scheduling Framework  
.NET Scheduling Framework - Free - Warehouse and Shipments    The DBI .NET Scheduling Framework is a source code product available for Free. If you already have licenses of Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise and Studio Controls .NET. you have zero down to launch your own Logistics / Warehousing solution - all you need to do is connect to your own database (connectors included) and compile!  
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    Upgrading COM Controls  
Multiple Platform COM Support       
  At times upgrading legacy controls in an application with current versions of a control can be a challenge.  DBI's current suite of COM software component solutions that upgrade challenge is significantly reduced.

Open a copy of your application and instance the new version of the control right beside the legacy control - yes, you heard it right - two different versions of a control side by side.  Now move your control settings over to the current version.  Build. A whole bunch easier.
      Solutions Schedule - https://www.dbi-tech.com/solutionsschedule/  
      Studio Controls - https://www.dbi-tech.com/studiocontrols/  
    Staff Scheduler Pro  
      Scheduling resources - Staff, Production Lines, Equipment, Vehicles ... can be a whole lot easier than using pencil and paper and much simpler than a spreadsheet! AND, with reporting included!

Leverage your own scheduling experience and that of your own staff to make sure the right resources are in the right places at the right times.   
      Staff Scheduler Pro - Commercial Drag and Drop Gantt style Enterprise Resource Scheduling  
      Scheduler Pro is a complete commercial scheduling solution providing business owners, managers and scheduling professionals a direct, quick method for planning enterprise resources. Scheduler Pro uses a Staff context and provides a true drag and drop Gantt style user experience with built-in, real-time cost and resource analysis.  

Build enterprise resource scheduling the way you need it - by department or by resource - pure Drag and Drop.  Publish schedules to the web with ease, communicate schedules directly to staff, print daily time-sheets and integrate with existing POS systems.  
      Staff Scheduler Pro is a great time saver! Includes payroll exports, excellent historical reporting and analytical tools. Easy to set up and easier to use.    
      Free 60 day trials -- http://www.Staff-Scheduler.com  
      Need a customized build - we'll do it for you.  
    Text Analytics with Artificial Intelligence  
xAIgent by DBI Technologies Inc. - Automatic Written Communication Key Term Extraction      
  Using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes DBI's xAIgent RESTful web service provides subscribers with an effortless software service for automatically extracting contextually accurate key phrases, key words, key terms, from any text on any subject matter in six international languages.
The xAIgent RESTful service, is an ideal supporting technology for quickly divining the critical characteristics of any content, in perfect context, accurately and automatically, without supervision.

Enhance content analytics, document tagging, indexing and contextual text search with xAIgent. 
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    Visualizing Resource Management  
Calendars Resource Scheduling UI Design Resources
Calendar COM 64 Solutions Schedule COM Studio Controls COM Trial Downloads
Calendar Silverlight Solutions Schedule COM 64 Studio Controls COM 64 Purchase  
Calendar WPF Solutions Schedule Silverlight Studio Controls .NET Legacy Product  
Solutions Schedule .NET Academic Licensing
Solutions Schedule WPF Extractor - Text Mining
xAIgent - RESTful Service  
.NET Scheduling Framework
Staff Scheduler Pro
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