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DBI News Bulletin January 2017 - Document Indexing, Enterprise Edition Upgrade 
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    Jump Start Your Visual Resource Management Project  
    Linguistic Artificial Intelligence  
    Tech Tip ::  Guest Blog on DBI Calendars  
    Subscription Renewal Promo  
    Resource Planning, Scheduling, Data Visualization Made Easy.

LOGISTICS - the art and science of placing in the right way, the right resources, in the right quantity, in the right places at the right times, for the right customers at the right costs.  In other words, effective management and allocation of Enterprise resources by optimizing their utilization through appropriate resource management, planning, scheduling and visualizing their data relationships.

Enterprise resource planning and scheduling including logistics management starts with the heavy lifting being done on the desktop, where the detail and calculation intensive work can be efficiently maneuvered in front of multiple displays, with the horse power for presenting multiple views of enterprise data in real-time. When it comes to building visual planning, scheduling and logistics management systems of this nature Solutions Schedule and Studio Controls are the number one, go-to-choices of Enterprise software developers.

As recently noted in an eWeek article by Chris Preimesberger, the DeskTop is critical in today's exploding requirement for Enterprise Data Visualization application development.

DBI continues to Make your Enterprise Data Visualization project development easier!
Insight into Any Content - Automatically - xAIgent Keyword and Keyphrase Extraction    
Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc. 
    Jump Start Your Visual Resource Management Projects  
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    Linguistic Artificial Intelligence  
xAIgent by DBI Technologies Inc. - Automatic Written Communication Key Term Extraction      
  Using advanced linguistic Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes found in the patented Extractor technology, the xAIgent RESTful web service provides subscribers with an effortless software service for automatically extracting contextually accurate key phrases / key words / key terms - from any subject matter content.
The xAIgent RESTful service, harnesses the patented Extractor hybrid Artificial Intelligence and machine learning Linguistic Technology to provide subscribers with the most accurate and contextually relevant key terms from any subject domain text, automatically (unsupervised). Document Tagging comes to mind, identifying speech patterns, accurate Search Engine Optimization (xAIgent ignores Meta tags)...
  continue reading...  https://www.dbi-tech.com/NewsBulletin/LinguisticAI  
  Tech Tip  -  Adding Visual Appointment Scheduling to an Application
  Continuing from Todd G Landrum's blog post about the DBI Calendar COM 64 licenses that were provided for all 2016 Southwest Fox Conference Attendees. We've extended his discussion to include DBI .NET and XAML Calendar controls...

Todd started off explaining that one of his clients was looking for a quicker and easier way to view and change appointments in a schedule. The original list format design wasn't the most efficient anymore.

Having attended the 2016 Southwest Fox conference Todd has a full developer's license of DBI Calendar COM 64 in his toolbox and thought maybe this was a good time to give it a try...
      keep reading...  www.dbi-tech.com/HowTo/DBI-Calendar-Controls.aspx  
    Product Subscriptions - Renewal Promotion  
DBI Technologies Inc Component Software Subscription Services      
  Get the latest product upgrades and new component updates by opening the Product Manager, select the Update Tab and upgrade your product and components from right there.  By so doing you will keep, intact, all of the previous versions of the controls eligible under your subscription license. Need one of the older component versions later on - no sweat, look under C:\DBITech\Backup\*Product   they'll all be there for you, when you need them.    
      One of the many advantages of keeping your product subscriptions current.  
      Subscription products offer DBI component owners the best real-time, online, 24 hour service value possible:     
  • All component updates released during the subscription period
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  • Online, 24 hour Software Activations
  • Component backward compatibility
  • Archive product installs
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    Visualizing Resource Management  
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