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    Dating back to the early 1900's, somewhere between 1911 and 1921, the term 'a picture is worth a thousands words' was cast into our every-day language. One Hundred Years later this colloquialism aptly describes the effectiveness of how developers build today's data visualization solutions.

The effectiveness of today's presentations and the outstanding user experiences are worth a thousand words.

For most projects, the degree of intuitive, visual presentation that we expect could not happen economically, in time and financial contexts, without the strong market availability of commercially sound and industry proven component software. Not unlike the automobile industry where vehicle manufacturers source components from suppliers such as Magna International and assemble those components in to our favourite two, three and four wheeled vehicles. Developers adeptly integrate component technology into our mission critical Enterprise software.
Visualizing Resourece Management by DBI Technologies Inc. 
Studio Controls COM | Studio Controls COM 64 - Release Preview
New Controls for Studio Controls COM v5.0 - ctxColor, ctxDate, ctxDropDate, ctxFile, ctxFont, ctxFrame, ctxPrint, ctxSplit   Adding great value and simplifying UI Design with new controls. Whether you're working in 64 bit or 32 bit - VC++, Delphi, MS Access, even VFP - it's always nice to have a collection of industry proven common functionality controls in your ToolBox.  
  Coming up for version 5.0 of Studio Controls for COM and Studio Controls COM 64 we're adding and enhancing 64bit and 32bit controls. Here's a quick preview...  
  ctxColor -  A new 64 bit Common Color selection dialogue  
  ctxFile -  A new 64 bit File Location | File Open | File Save dialogue  
  ctxFont - A new 64 bit Common Font Selection dialogue  
  ctxFrame - A new 64 bit container control for managing groups of objects  
  ctxPrint -  A new 64 bit Print parameter / Printer Selection dialogue  
  ctxSplit -  Quickly create logical presentation zones for your applications with full resizing capabilities in 64 bit.  
  PLUS, New Enhancements for ctxCalendar, ctxDate and ctxDropDate:  
  ctxCalendar - The three-in-one appointment scheduling and Calendar control - Month Calendar, Multi-Column Day View, Week View - will have enhanced approaches for interacting with Data Items (Appointments, Contacts, Locations, Tasks) and display elements.  
      ctxDate - new elements for interacting with the Title Area, Nav Buttons, Headers and Dates  
      ctxDropDate - Enhanced Drop Calendar behaviour and Date Selections  
      * ctx designated controls are found in their appropriate 32 bit and 64 bit products  
    Fall Special Offer    
Studio Controls - .NET, COM, MFC, ActiveX   You've always wanted the best Multi Resource Scheduling Control AND the best Appointment Scheduling / UI Design controls - Now's the time to get what you want at a Great Value during our Buy-One-Get-One-HALF-Price Promotion!  
  For a limited time, SAVE up to $1300 on your purchase  
    Upgrade COM Controls - Quickly  
Multiple Platform COM Support       
  DBI's current suite of COM software component solutions make upgrading legacy controls to the latest supported and Windows 10 certified versions much simpler.

Open a copy of your application and instance the new ctx version of the control right beside the legacy control - yes, you heard it right - two different versions of a control side by side.  Now move your control settings over to the new ctx version.  Build.   Much Quicker.
      Solutions Schedule - https://www.dbi-tech.com/solutionsschedule/  
      Studio Controls - https://www.dbi-tech.com/studiocontrols/  
DBI Technologies Inc Component Software Subscription Services   The latest Product Upgrades, Component Updates and Product Online Services are only a double click away.  Be sure to renew your DBI Product License Subscriptions giving all assigned developers immediate and direct access to:  
  • All component updates released during the subscription period
  • All product upgrades release during the subscription period
  • All bug fixes
  • Direct access to the product’s Technical Support team
  • Online, 24 hour License Management
  • Online, 24 hour Software Activations
  • Component backward compatibility
      Subscribe Today...  http://dbi-tech.com/Store.aspx  
      Renew Expired Subscriptions Today...    (special offer ends November 30th)  
    Text Analytics with Artificial Intelligence  
xAIgent by DBI Technologies Inc. - Automatic Written Communication Key Term Extraction
  Using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes DBI's xAIgent RESTful web service provides subscribers with an effortless software service for automatically extracting contextually accurate key phrases, key words, key terms, from any text on any subject matter in six international languages.
The xAIgent RESTful service, is an ideal supporting technology for quickly divining the critical characteristics of any content, in perfect context, accurately and automatically, without supervision.

Enhance content analytics, document tagging, indexing and contextual text search with xAIgent. 
DBI Technologies Inc. Sponsors South West Fox the Annual Visual FoxPro DevCon in Arizona October 26 to 29, 2017   Another great conference in the sun was held October 26th to 29th, congratulations Geek Gatherings!  
  full details...  http://www.swfox.net  
      Next up - German DevCon DFPUG  November 16th to 18th  
    Have A Great Programming Day !  
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