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  What makes DBI developer software components so durable and consumable across multiple development platforms?  


  At the very outset, DBI's VP of product development - understood the value of engineering controls in C++, leveraging the MFC and GDI+ libraries offering superior overall performance required for the complex drawing routines of interactive ListView and TreeView controls, multi-sorting Calendars and Appointment Scheduling controls, UI Design and Timeline multi resource Scheduling controls. At the same time, incorporating portability across the many Windows based Integrated Development platforms.  
  DBI Control Instantiation in Visual Studio VC++  

Visual C++ Source Code Samples for each of DBI's latest ctx Controls

  DBI Control Instantiation in Visual Studio VC++ Designer  
  We are pleased to offer our VC++ and MFC focused customers an updated collection of supporting Visual C++ Sample Applications for the controls included in Studio Controls COM 64 and Solutions Schedule COM 64. Products that include both 32-bit and 64-bit development / distribution controls.  

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    Solutions Schedule v6.0 Downaload Trial License    
  Solutions Schedule for COM - Gantt Style Drag and Drop scheduling and planning  
  Solutions Schedule COM 64-bit v3.0 - The number ONE Gantt style, Drag and Drop Planning and Scheduling control for 64-bit ActiveX Development. Ideal for asset management, Healthcare, Logistics any type of multi-resource, ERP planning and scheduling need. Solutions Schedule COM 64-bit includes royalty-free distribution, compiled sample applications, Source-based samples for MS Access, VB6 / VBA and VFP. Each license includes one year of renewable subscription support more...  
  Studio Controls COM 64 - 15 Unicode ActiveX Controls  
  Studio Controls COM 64 - Studio Controls COM 64 offers an outstanding developer experience with a complete set of 32 and 64 bit Unicode Scheduling, Data Input, Data Presentation, Dialogues, Calendar, and Navigation software components. Includes one full year of technical support, component updates and product upgrades. more...   
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