DBI's Platform Products

Making it even simpler to purchase, own and maintain DBI component software products.

We appreciate the interactive dialogue with our customers and our customer's ongoing need for platform specific component software. The release of Studio Controls started a transition largely influenced by the needs of our customers who have directed that an integrated platforms product has less emphasis today than it did several years ago, and that maintaining their DBI product licenses needed to be easier on an ongoing basis.

From our customer communications, the influences of upgraded IDE's and operating systems and the creativity of our product development team all have given genesis to a whole new streamlined product offering. The transition from eight individual products to five platform specific product offerings:

Studio Controls for COM
Studio Controls for .NET
Solutions Schedule for COM
Solutions Schedule for .NET 

Studio Controls incorporates all of DBI's award winning interface design, navigation, data management and presentation controls including our Calendar and Appointment Scheduling controls on a per platform basis. Our platform specific transition also brings a clearer focus to the platform specific components, plus a vehicle by which we can provide an increased level of product and developer experience.

The purchase of Studio Controls or Solutions Schedule includes an annual guarantee of all updates, upgrades, online and offline software activation, license management, license transfers and direct web access to our technical support specialists. All product modifications including updates, upgrades, bug fixes and new components released within twelve (12) months of the date of purchase are included at no additional charge.

As our products evolve in step with development platform changes and customer requirements, current product owners will have every opportunity to maintain their investment, their direct line of technical support,  and access to their ongoing updates and upgrades, software activations, license transfers and general license management with the products' annual subscription service. 

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