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Studio Controls .NET provides High-impact, user experience (UX) WinForms controls for building Office-style Appointment Scheduling, real-time Data Input, Data Selection, ListView and TreeView Data Presentations, data acquisition Dashboard graphic and animated Date Selection to meter controls controls.
For fast design to speedy app implementation, Studio Controls for .NET provides WinForms developers with the right set of tools and the right mix of form and functionality for the most demanding, high volume work environment applications. Fewer controls to manage, with greater functionality.
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Data Entry
  • Data Presentation
  • Snap-In-Reporting
  • Navigation
  • Windows UI Design
  • User Drawn Customization

See What's New

  Special feature highlight - dbiDate animated calendar transitions...dbiDate v5.0
- Animated Calendar Navigation
- New navigation button style Presentation Features
- View the Animated Calendar Transition Video =
  dbiDate v5.0 Calendar Zoom Transition   
Appointment Scheduling, Time Tabling, Day Timer ... you name it DBI's Scheduling component software is the number one choice of Visual Studio developers. Don't settle for less - when integrating Microsoft Outlook is not an option get the number one appointment scheduling and modern Windows UI design controls - all found in Studio Controls for .NET!
Studio Controls .NET v1.4 - DBI Technologies Inc.
Time management and resource scheduling are success driven activities. Studio Controls for .NET is a comprehensive set of controls for managing and presenting enterprise information for planning and scheduling multiple resources within Visual Studio.
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Calendars :: Time is a sensitive issue and using the right calendar and appointment scheduling components can mean the difference of releasing on time. Create your own style, calendar and scheduling presentations quickly.   Studio Controls .NET v1.4 - Appointment Scheduling, Calendars, Reporting, List and Tree Views, Navigation, UI Design
General Presentation ::  Add Flexibility and dashboard features to your favorite IDE with the great presentation tools of Studio Controls for .NET.  DBI's UI design and presentation controls allow for custom branding, interface design and ease of implementation, saving hours of development time.      
  data visualization controls - studio controls .net 
  DBI Gauge v3.0 - Multiple Gauges, One Control - by DBI Technologies Inc.   Gauges ::   dbiGauge is an ambidextrous control comprised of a gauge object, a needle object and a pin object, offering developers a range of presentation options from simple gauges to complex multi-data point presentations all in a single instance.  
  Labels ::  Add a little flair to application titles and form labels. dbi Label offers developers a modern Visual Studio .NET control for elegant yet simple and straight forward enhancements.   DBI Label - Rotate Text, Animate, Image Mask Any Label format - by DBI Technologies Inc.  
      Meters ::  Project real-time data and progress status in a variety of digital and graphical presentations. dbiMeter accelerates data visualization with the least amount of programming.  
dbi list view - dbilist view - studio controls .net   List and Tree Views :: dbiList is an integrated data List view and a hierarchical Tree view all in one control for fast direct entry and presentation of data, reporting and data navigation.

At the heart of Power is Performance and Functionality. When crafting a data intensive application you want the industry proven performance of DBI's data management controls. Capable of handling millions of rows of data providing results beyond expectations.

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In addition to the multi column list and tree view options, there are many customization and intuitive end-user features that allow for unique ERP, MRP and other planning presentations, including:  
List / Tree View - In Cell Editing  
Built in edit box and combo box  
Support for 3rd party edit controls  
Standard edit modes:  <Enter>, <Esc>, <Tab>, and <Shift Tab> for navigation
Modify the Edit Controls default move and size settings  
Direct access of text and combo boxes for:  
  • Addition of new navigation keys  
  • Overriding behavior of existing navigation keys DBI Technologies Inc. - Studio Controls .NET v1.4 -  User Drawn List Items
  • Creating edit masks
List / Tree View Options
Change Line Item height by click and drag
Change Column widths by click and drag
Column Sorting built-in
Line Item Headers independent of columns
*Click and drag line items within parent group
Line Item sub text
Booleans – support for check boxes in a column
List / Tree View Area - User Drawn Features  
  • Line Item – Override the default painting of a line item  
  • Cells – Override the default painting of a single line item cell
  • Column Headers – Override the default painting of a column header
  • Title - Override the default painting of the list title.    
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Navigation :: Extend the Windows interface standards quickly and effortlessly using DBI's navigation and UI design controls for great presentations and user navigation.   Studio Controls .NET v1.4 - DBI Technologies Inc.  
Data Edits :: Data input, editing and presentation are at the heart  of  every modern application. Add effective Windows user interfaces quickly using your favorite data connections and your choice of Data Sources.    
DBI's underlying foundation layer is a single point for all common visual presentations and data interaction for each instance of the dbiCalendar, dbiDayView and dbiMonth controls that are included in Studio Controls for .NET.
Connect your scheduling data to DBI's underlying data manager (dbiPIM.dll) and maintain communication with each instance of the control with a direct reference.
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Outlook style Scheduling  
Snap in Reporting      
Tree View Direct Edit      
Windows 11 Certified      
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