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List and Tree Views  ::  dbiList is an integrated data List view and hierarchical Tree view all in one control for fast direct entry and presentation of data, snap-in reporting and data navigation.
dbi list view - list and tree view control - studio controls .netAt the heart of dbiList's power is performance and functionality.

When crafting a data intensive application you want the industry proven performance of DBI's data management controls. Capable of handling millions of rows of data providing results beyond expectations.

In addition to the multi column list and tree view options, there are many customization and intuitive end-user features that allow for unique ERP, MRP and other planning presentations, including:  
List / Tree View - In Cell Editing DBI Technologies Inc. - Buy Solutions ScheduleSolutions Schedule v6.0 Downaload Trial License    
Built in edit box and combo box  
Support for 3rd party edit controls  
Standard edit modes:  <Enter>, <Esc>, <Tab>, and <Shift Tab> for navigation
Modify the Edit Controls default move and size settings  
Direct access of text and combo boxes for:  
  • Addition of new navigation keys  
  • Overriding behavior of existing navigation keys DBI Technologies Inc. - Studio Controls .NET v1.4 -  User Drawn List Items
  • Creating edit masks
List / Tree View Options
Change Line Item height by click and drag
Change Column widths by click and drag
Column Sorting built-in
Line Item Headers independent of columns
*Click and drag line items within parent group
Line Item sub text
Booleans – support for check boxes in a column
List / Tree View Area - User Drawn Features  
  • Line Item – Override the default painting of a line item  
  • Cells – Override the default painting of a single line item cell
  • Column Headers – Override the default painting of a column header
  • Title - Override the default painting of the list title.    
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DBI List Tree View - Reporting - Drag Drop - Studio Controls .NETReporting  ::  Built-in print preview and print report functions. Developers have control over report presentation including page headers and page footers.

Body Text  ::  Vertical item resizing programmatically or interactive user input. Definable, start - end columns and horizontal offsets influence auto text wrapping.

Drag Drop  ::  in and out of the control. Use dbiList custom events for moving and incorporating data.
Search and Sort  ::  built-in sorting based on data type also sort method for building more complex developer defined sorting.
List View & Tree View  ::  All in one control!  The ultimate in List and Tree View functionality with modern Windows UI presentation qualities and features - all at the flip of a switch (property).
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