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dbi Button - Simple yet elegant to a fault. dbiButton offers WinFormdbi button control - irregular shaped buttons support - studio controls .net v1.4 developers a skinnable, multi-faceted button control that adds just the right panache for elegant UI presentations.  It's the simple things that really do make a difference like User Drawn customisation, masked image and color properties, the irregular shape capabilities of the dbi Button control.
  dbiButton - Studio Controls .NET   
Irregular-shaped Buttons ::  Turn any shaped image into a multi-state button.  Set mouse over and mouse click on the shape of the image.  Events fire on non-masked color areas.
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dbi button control - picture and text elements - studio controls .net v1.4Pictures and Text :: Place text and/or an image inside the button.  Alignment properties allow independent placement of the image and text at any location within the button.
dbi button control - multi state and disabled options - studio controls .net v1.4Multiple States :: Assign unique bitmaps for up, down, mouse-over, and disabled button states.
dbi button control - toggle postions - studio controls .netToggle Buttons :: Set dbiButton to toggle on and off positions.

Transparent Buttons: Optional transparency allows a background to show through.
dbi button control - built in arrow types for quick app navigation - studio controls .netArrow Buttons :: Built-in arrow types make it easy to create quick navigation buttons.
dbi button control - studio controls .net v1.4 - sound support and highlight optionsEmbedded Sound Support :: Incorporate sound effects with button events (mouse over and mouse click events). 

Highlight Options :: Additional options for highlighting a button when it has focus, or on a mouse moves over.  
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