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dbi Drop Date  is a drop down date edit, date picker and drop down calendar presentation control for Visual Studio Windows and Smart Client ( C# and VB .NET ) modern application development.
dbi drop date - Masked Time and Date Edit control - Studio Controls .NETAdd signature branding with subtle creative touches for modern Windows UX designs.  Creatively display a masked date edit and drop-down calendar and/or masked time editing with support for current Windows themes and styles.

Use dbi Drop Date's smart carat feature for effortless end-user increment and decrement of date and time values. Developers can quickly implement advanced date selection ( date picker ) functionality with dbiDropDate.
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dbiDropDate is an excellent add-in for accounting solutions, personal information management (PIM), scheduling solutions and appointment management:
* Masked date edit   dbi Drop Date - drop down date edit, selection and mutli calendar presentation control - Studio Controls .NET  
* Extended view    
* Unique date formatting    
* Per date color, style and font    
* smart carat position increment    
* Incorporate custom objects    
  studio controls for .net dbi drop date edit calendar picker      
  * Windows themes and styles  
  * Designer drop button  
* Developer defined custom fill types
  * Designer spin buttons  
  * Inactive date formatting  
  * Developer defined styles  
  * Set first day of week  
  * Background image  
  *  Data tag property  
  * Time formats  
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