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DBI Releases Solutions Schedule for .NET  v4

providing key scheduling functionality in enterprise software solutions servicing industries from Healthcare to Logistics to production planning, Solutions Schedule is the number one choice of corporate IT groups and software developers


Winnipeg, MB. - December 2010  -  DBI Technologies Inc., the leading innovator of resource scheduling component software solutions, is proud to announce the release of Solutions Schedule for .NET version 4.0.  Responding to customer requests and an increasing market demand for solutions that help organizations attain optimized resourcing and process efficiencies. This new release of Solutions Schedule for .NET, which has become the standard for planning and scheduling component software, offers developers a direct advantage that answers their main requirement for bottom line success, giving their users greater data visualization and decision making tools resulting in optimized processes and fully utilized resources.


Production Planning, streamlining warehouse functions, scheduling shipping and receiving operations to optimizing logistics, these are all common commercial software systems that incorporate Solutions Schedule for .NET for intuitive, results driven enterprise planning solutions.  Organizations of various stripes are relying on software developed with Solutions Schedule for .NET for critical decision making analysis and resource optimization. Software that has ultimately been designed for scheduling employees, equipment, vehicles and other enterprise resources having intuitive usability and a low cost of ownership. Solutions Schedule for .NET offers developers a breadth of functionality that rivals full application features and all wrapped in a single .NET WinForms control. Whether your design spec dictates an enterprise client based solution or a Click Once web distributed application, Solutions Schedule for .NET is the proven choice of Visual Studio .NET developers.


Whether managing warehouses or coordinating shipyard logistics - load crews, yard and warehouse equipment, inbound and outbound shipment carriers, they all become target points for optimization and avenues for increased customer satisfaction with tightly integrated resource scheduling.

"We are pleased that Visual Studio Industry Partner DBI Technologies is taking advantage of the latest developments in Visual Studio 2010,” said Catherine Crim, lead marketing manager, Developer Platform and Tools at Microsoft. “DBi's resource scheduling software based on advanced development architectures of Visual Studio 2010 enables development teams to integrate scheduling functionality quickly and cost-effectively."

DBi's industry proven component-based software is found in commercial and enterprise solutions supporting healthcare and logistics systems to manufacturing and assembly line production systems. Designed to complement and enhance existing investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP), the advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions capabilities offered by DBi's Component Software solutions are nearly limitless. Solutions Schedule for .NET starts at $989 for a single developer license. Further product details and enterprise licensing can be found at:  https://www.dbi-tech.com/ProductPage_SolutionsScheduleNET.aspx

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About DBI Technologies Inc.

DBI Technologies Inc. is an industry proven providing of innovative scheduling and resource planning commercial software development solutions. DBi's focus on empowering application developers with the most flexible and respected, reusable commercial component-based software has been met with great success. DBI is recognized for its award winning component-based products for customers working in any Microsoft .NET Framework-compliant development environment and any Microsoft OLE compliant development environment. Creative and innovative solutions for customers looking to incorporate industry leading technologies built on commercially sound component-based architectures.



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