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DBI Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework -
Smart Client demo application

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The DBI Warehouse Shipments Framework provides the building blocks necessary to create a complete application for the scheduling of both inbound and outbound shipments for a warehouse. The following Smart Client demonstration illustrates many of the concepts, reporting, scheduling views and user perspectives possible right out of the box.

DBi Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework - Web Demo Application


Click through to the Smart Client WSS Demo Application


dbiWSF Smart Client Demo - two Pre-Requisites

There are two pre-requisites for running the DBi'WSF sample application. You will need the .NET Framework 3.5 installed and for demo purposes only the Microsoft Access2007 database drivers will also need to be installed. (The Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework does ship with SQL and Access databases including the database documentation for using any ADO.Net database). The following error screens will appear if you are missing either of the .NET Framework 3.5 or Access 2007 database components...

For further information on working with the DBi Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework Smart Client Demo Application please see: Running the Demo


The DBi Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework incorporates DBi's award winning Solutions Schedule for .NET - Enterprise and Studio Controls for .NET component software along with WSF specific custom objects, Data binding, UI presentation, reporting and business rules. DBi Warehouse Shipment Scheduling Framework is a .NET Windows Forms development product ready for implementation in as little as six (6) lines of code, or ready for integration with enterprise systems including Microsoft Dynamics.


DBI .NET Warehouse Scheduling Framework Free Download

Introductory movies DBI .NET Warehouse Scheduling Framework Free Download
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