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DBI Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework  -  Developer Resources

What is the DBi Warehouse Shipments Framework

The DBI Warehouse Shipments Framework (dbiWSF) is a product that provides the building blocks necessary to create a complete application for the scheduling of both inbound and outbound shipments for a warehouse. The product is done as an n-tier rapid application foundation for use with the .NET framework.

Included with the dbiWSF

  • Data binding to SQL server (included in the package is a disconnected SQL database), OLE databases (included in the package is an MS Access database) and table structures for use in other ADO.NET compliant databases

  •  dbiWSF objects for use with the customized DBI WinForm Components or any other object oriented control.

  • A Business Rules class which is not only integrated to the dbiWSF components but can easily be applied to other .NET objects

  • A reporting solution based on the dbiList component which provides a simplified interface with the flexibility of using .NET code to create the structure and display/print the results

  • Customized editions of DBI's award winning components for .NET including Studio Controls for .NET and Solutions::Schedule for .NET

  • Demo databases for both SQL Server and Microsoft Access

  • Demo application for VB.Net which incorporates the .NET Windows Presentation Foundation for an example of using the dbiWSF objects outside of the standard winforms environment, fully databound examples, reporting and user interface components, as well as a collection of links to the dbiWSF Video Library highlighting some of the key aspects of the product

  • Fully commented and documented VB.NET source code for the dbiWSF layers and customized controls (this does not include source for the DBI WinForm controls, just the dbiWSF controls which extend the core functionality of the DBI components to fit the Warehouse Shipments Framework).

  • VB.Net code snippets for common functionality.

  • VB.Net project template for creating dbiWSF projects which have the references and licensing info pre-coded.

  • .chm help file listing all the properties/events/methods for the dbiWSF libraries.

  • the Solutions::Schedule for .NET Enterprise and Studio Controls for .NET Site products as well as one year of subscription services for both (component support and component updates and enhancements)

  • Two hours of DBI Consulting Group resource time is included with your purchase. The consulting resource time may be engaged for project scope, customization, training, integration planning ... etc.

DBI Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework licensees have direct access to the DBI Consulting group which can either customize a solution to your needs or provide training and initial development insight to get you started on your project.

DBI .NET Warehouse Scheduling Framework Free Download

DBI Technologies Inc. - .NET Warehouse Scheduling Framework - Open Source

DBI Technologies Inc. - .NET Warehouse Scheduling Framework - Open Source

DBI Technologies Inc. - .NET Warehouse Scheduling Framework - Open Source

DBI Technologies Inc. - .NET Warehouse Scheduling Framework - Open Source

DBI Technologies Inc. - .NET Warehouse Scheduling Framework - Open Source

Cross Docking - DBI .NET Wareshouse Shipping Scheduling Framework supports Cross Docking
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