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DBI Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework - Product details


The finer points of the Source Code Framework

The Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework includes a complete set of development tools, objects and business rules encapsulated into a source code-based product. Here are the finer details of the assets included in the product.

  • dbiWSF.DLL (SourceCode included) - Includes the dbiWSF Databinding code and dbiWSF Objects

  •  dbiWSFSupport.DLL (SourceCode included) - Includes the dbiWSF business rules layer

  • dbiWSFUserInterface.DLL (SourceCode included) - Includes controls and dialogs for use with the dbiWSF

  •  dbiWSFDayView Control (wraps the dbiDayView control) - customized dbiDayView for multiple views (warehouse and loading docks) for the dbiWSF data

  • dbiWSFSchedule Control (wraps the dbiSchedule control) - customized dbiSchedule control for a tree view of the dbiWSF data

  • dbiWSFObjectMenu Control (wraps the .NET context menu) - handles context menu options for all dbiWSF objects which provides a uniform menu structure regardless of the control displaying the data

  • dbiWSFReporting, dbiWSFReport - (wraps the dbiList control) - provides a generic reporting tool that incorporates a visual control along with report objects that can be customized in code. The dbiWSF ships with three reports for use and as templates.

  • dbiWSFStyle, dbiWSFStylerOptions - provides an XML import for setting default appearances to the DBI Components

  •  dbiWSFPrintSetting Controls and Dialogs - used to give a consistent look and feel to printer dialog options for the reporting/dbiList/dbiSchedule/dbiDayView controls

  • dbiWSFDetailList, dbiWSFObjectDetail, dbiWSFObjectTree - provides several interfaces which use reflection to display the dbiWSF objects without the need to recode interface changes if the data/object models change


Several controls to aid in deploying

Supporting Controls and Dialogs - there are several tertiary controls to aid in deploying the final project including a recurrence days-of-week selector, a datetime entry control for entering a date and a time at the same time, a default dialog that can be inherited and modified to maintain a consistent look and feel and a business rules dialog to allow the business rules layer to be used in any UI scheme

  •  dbiSnippets - a collection of code snippets to be used in the coding of a project

    • dbiLoadAll.snippet

    • dbiLoadAllByDate.snippet

    • dbiWSFCMAddItem.snippet

    • dbiWSFCMDayView.snippet

    • dbiWSFCMMulti.snippet

    • dbiWSFCMSched.snippet

    • dbiWSFDayViewLDColl.snippet

    • dbiWSFDayViewLDRange.snippet

    • dbiWSFDayViewWhse.snippet

    • dbiWSFInitACE.snippet

    • dbiWSFInitSQL.snippet

    • dbiWSFSetSched.snippet

    • dbiWSFSetSchedDate.snippet

    • dbiWSFTestForm.snippet

    • dbiWSFTestHarness.snippet

  •  dbiWSF Project Template - A template that can be used to create new dbiWSF projects

  • dbiWSF.CHM - Help file listing all the PEM information for the dbiWSF objects.


DBI Component software products

  • Solutions Schedule for .NET Enterprise - the award winning dbiSchedule control, sample applications (C# and VB.Net), help files, dbi Product Manager (for managing the licenses and upgrades at the Enterprise level), one year of subscription for support on the control and product updates and enhancements.

  • Studio Controls  for .NET Site - the award winning .NET component controls, sample applications (C# and VB.Net), help files, dbi Product Manager (for managing the licenses and upgrades at the Site level), one year of subscription for support on the controls and product updates and enhancements.

  • Clean and Test databases for both SQL Server and Microsoft Access (Disconnected Database Files)

  • dbiWSS.exe and Source code - Sample application in VB.Net highlighting the use of the framework

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