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DBI Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework - Shipping and Receiving Exceptions

Temporarily block loading dock access

The dbiWSF Exceptions are objects which can be used to temporarily block access to a loading dock (such as maintenance or lunch times). These objects are of type  dbiWSF.FrameworkObjects.objLoadingDockException. They are essentially appointment type items with a startdate (beginning date and time of the exception) and enddate (end date time of the exception) and a collection of loading docks to which this loading dock exception will apply.

Because an individual loading dock exception can contain zero-to-many relationships to the loading docks via the loadingdockID a separate key table has been created to manage this information. Using the default databinding methodology, adding or removing loading docks from the LoadingDockException.LoadingDocks collection property using the methods on the LoadingDockException (AddLoadingDock, AddLoadingDocks, ClearLoadingDocks, and RemoveLoadingDocks) that key database will be updated automatically without need for further interaction.

Combined with the business rules layer, exceptions can be used to automate the process even further. In the dbiWSFControls (dbiWSFSchedule and dbiWSFDayView) these exceptions are created as custom areas which can be set by the developer to be any color to indicate that the dock or docks should not be used during this time period. To support the notion that certain levels of users should be able to override these loading dock exceptions there is a business rule that is triggered if a shipment is placed in one of these exceptions and the developer can allow or disallow as necessary using the Business Rules dialog.

Use exceptions to create recurring events

Exceptions can also be created in a recurrence object to cause the exception to recur over a set period of time. For more information see the Using the dbiWSF � Recurrence Objects. When used in combination with the RecurringExceptions there is a requirement to generalize the loadingdockexceptions and recurringexceptions especially in regard to business rules and general usage. A special object called dbiWSF.FrameworkObjects.GenericException supports this requirement.

Custom methods on the dbiWSF.FrameworkObjects.objWSFObjects (the parent host container for the dbiWSF) called GetGenericExceptions gives the developer a collection of the GenericExceptions with several overloads (by loading dock for example, and by date ranges) to provide flexibility when using the exceptions.


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