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Award Winning Component Software Components for Visualing Enterprise Resource Data
A whole bunch of years ago Pegasus and DBI formalized a cordial arrangement influenced by the inclusion of DBI's ActiveX controls by Pegasus' developers when they were building new editions of Pegasus Accounting in the 2003 - 2005 timeframe.
Much has changed since then - new component features, bug fixes, subscription services, support for the latest editions of Microsoft Supported Windows operating systems and updated integrated development environments (IDE's).  As DBI's component software products have evolved, backward compatibility with earlier editions of the controls has been maintained as much as possible.  Today, the legacy controls once found in Component Toolbox, Calendar Tools, Solutions Schedule including Pegasus Component Pack are now found in their replacement product offerings: 

Studio Controls COM

Solutions Schedule COM

For our legacy product customers, including Pegasus Customization Partners we offer best efforts support for Legacy Controls, which is only offered with Current Product Subscriptions of Studio Controls COM and Solutions Schedule COM.
What does the Pegasus Component Pack look like today...
Pegasus Component Pack
Legacy Current Product
ctBanner     ctBanner   sccom
ctButton ctxButton sccom
ctContact     ctxContact   sccom
ctDate ctxDate sccom
ctExplorerBar ctxListBar   sccom
ctList     ctxListView   sccom
ctListBar     ctxListBar   sccom
ctMDay     ctxCalendar   sccom
ctMonth     ctxCalendar   sccom
ctSchedule     ctxSchedule   sscom
ctTabs     ctTabs   sccom
ctText     ctxText   sccom
ctTree     ctxTreeVew   sccom
ctWeek     ctxCalendar   sccom
Pegasus Component Pack
Current Component Software Products Subscription Includes:
• Online, 24 Hour Software Activations
  • Online, 24 Hour License Management  
  • Direct access to the product’s technical support group  
  • All Component updates released during the product subscription period  
  • All Product Upgrades released during the product subscription period  
  • All Bug Fixes as they are released  
  • Component Backward Compatibility  
  • Legacy version product replacement and Email Activation  
DBI ActiveX Suite   is the full collection of 103 royalty free ActiveX / MFC controls for Appointment Scheduling, Multi Resource Scheduling, Resource Planning, UI Design, Data Input, Data presentation, Data Entry, Navigation, Snap-in Reporting, for 64 Bit and 32 Bit computing Environments with support for Unicode.
Pegasus Partner Upgrade Purchase Details

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Please Contact DBI Sales for Purchase Inquiries:
Sales  or  800-670-8045 / +1-204-985-5770

The story behind Pegasus Component Pack

Press Release

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