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DBI Technologies Inc - Academic Licensing
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DBI Technologies Inc - Academic Licensing
DBI has proudly supported and continues to participate in various academic endeavors. There is a natural extension of DBI's direct academic involvement to further support all students and academia. DBI is proud to offer students and professors up to a 60% discount on all DBI Scheduling, UI Design and Commercial Scheduling products for educational purposes or for use in research projects.
Students may request the DBI special academic discount by faxing a copy of their currently valid student ID card or an alternate document proving student status. Professors may request the special discount by faxing to DBI a currently valid copy of their faculty/staff ID card or an alternate document proving a current faculty/staff position at a recognized institution. All faxed ID card copies must clearly indicate the name of the individual, the expiry date and the name of the institution. Alternate documents must be on the official letterhead of the institution and be signed under authority of the institution's administration.
DBI reserves the right to refuse student and academic discounts if the institution is not recognized as an accredited school, college or university. The student discount may not be combined with any other special offer.
To apply, fax student or faculty ID or alternate document to 1-204-943-0738 and then fill out the form below and click the "Submit" button. All academic submissions will be responded to via email within 24 business hours. All qualifying submissions will receive confirmation of an account including the credit posted to that account.

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Note: A follow up email will be sent within one business day to confirm account


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