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The links below are Windows Forms applications deployed via the Microsoft Smart Client / Click Once web deployment architecture. Running one of these links will install the application executable and required dependencies (including controls) in the IE protected area (sandbox) on your PC thus eliminating the need to register or otherwise manipulate the .DLL's and GAC settings on your PC. There are two requirements to run the Smart Client applications below:

1) You will need a minimum of the .NET framework 2.0

2) You will need to be running MS Internet Explorer. The Smart Client applications below are enabled as "Web Only" running applications. This eliminates any permanent installation of the files on the client machine hard drive. All files required for the execution of the application will be stored in the client machine internet download cache and are removed when the cache is flushed as determined by your internet settings, or if a new version becomes available.

Solutions Schedule for .NET - Enterprise
User Drawn Demo            Drag and Drop Demo
Multi Schedule Demo Undo Redo History Demo
ScheduleNotes Demo
Solutions Schedule for .NET - Standard (Standard demos all work in Enterprise)
List Features Demo Edit Modes Demo 
Reporting Demo  Guidelines Demo
Time Types Demo 
Studio Controls for .NET
dbiDayView: dbiCalendar:
dbiDayView Appointments dbiCalendar DayFormats
dbiDayView Coloring dbiCalendar General Demo
dbiDayView Columns dbiCalendar Grouping
dbiDayView Data Entry dbiCalendar Reporting
dbiDayView DragDrop dbiMonth:
dbiDayView Grouping dbiMonth Day Formats
dbiDayView HitTest dbiMonth General Demo
dbiDayView Reporting dbiMonth Reporting
dbiDayView UserDrawn   * dbiList:
dbiDate: dbiList Body Text
dbiDate General Demo dbiList DragDrop
dbiDate Day Formats dbiExplorerBar:
dbiDropDate: dbiExplorerBar Demo
dbiDropDate General Demo
* This demo requires version 3.5 of the .NET Framework.
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