Solutions Schedule for COM 
Create intuitive resource planning, outbound service personnel management schedules, Logistics management and warehousing systems quickly and efficiently with Solutions Schedule for COM. The World's number one Gantt style asset management and multi-resource scheduling component software for COM-based development platforms.  Solutions Schedule for COM includes current Windows styles and themes with full developer customization features.
Solutions Schedule for COM - Gantt ocx Drag and Drop Multi Resource Scheduling ActiveX control 
Offering developers built-in Gantt style drag-n-drop scheduling, User Drawn Time Bars, advanced navigation, conflict management, current presentation styles and more, Solutions Schedule for COM is the choice of commercial Health Care solution providers, ERP and CRM product developers including process management systems providers. Solutions Schedule has long been the number one choice of corporate and commercial development teams.
Solutions Schedule for COM includes royalty-free distribution, sample applications in Visual Basic and Visual FoxPro plus compiled programs with direct double click access to the property inspector at run-time. This premier scheduling component software product includes one year of technical support and annual product updates, upgrades, online license management, online license transfers and direct access to DBI's product support group.  All directly accessible from the Product Manager console.
Solutions Schedule for COM  - an Ideal ActiveX solution for:
  Team / Project Management Resource Optimization  
  Manufacturing Event management  
  Production Planning / Scheduling   Facilities Management  
  Call Center Management   Reservation systems  
  Healthcare   Process control
  Logistics   Asset Optimization
  Outbound service   Enterprise Resource Planning
Often scheduling solutions require a combination of presentations, scheduling interface functionality and reporting. For highly interactive UX requirementsDBI Technologies Inc. - Studio Controls COM - Windows UI Design ActiveX OCX controls Studio Controls for COM and Solutions Schedule for COM are perfect companions.

Creating drag and drop, Gantt - style multi resource scheduling solutions now becomes second nature. The combination of Solutions Schedule and the appointment scheduling controls found in Studio Controls for COM provide a complete set of scheduling resources.
For sixteen years professional software developers have trusted Solutions Schedule for their resource scheduling and planning software needs. Solutions Schedule for COM continues a rich history of customer influenced technology innovation.
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Feature Highlights
More Time Bars
Line Item Arrows
Schedule Area Notes
Tool Tips on Notes
Windows 7 Windows 8 Certified
User Drawn Time Bars
Current Windows Styles
Guide Lines
Custom Time Bar Styles
Map Area
Time Bar Linking
Time Bar Overlap
32,000 Item Resource List
Multi Column Resource List
Adjustable Time Lines
Zoom-in | Zoom-out
Built-in Printing
Dead Zones
Conflict Checking
Built-in Image List
Definable Undo/ Redo
Custom Header Styles


What's New in version 11
More Time Bars
Line Item Arrows

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backward / previous

Schedule Area Notes
Tool Tips on Notes
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Solutions Schedule for COM
* Royalty-Free distribution
* Samples in VB and VFP
* Annual Product updates
* Annual Technical Support
* Online license management
* Online Software Activation
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