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Highlight Specific Days in the Time Line Ruler

Is it possible to highlight specific days, such as weekend days and holidays for instance, in the Time Line Ruler of Solutions Schedule .NET?



Working with the Time Types demo that ships with Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise, we can modify the demo code and using the new User Drawn functionality found in Solutions Schedule .NET v6.0 there is a fairly straight forward process for creating a highlighted feature of unique / specific days in the Time Line Ruler.




Following are the steps you can use for Setting Highlighted Days in Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise Time Line Ruler:


Private Sub DbiSchedule1_UserDrawnRuler(sender As Object, e As Dbi.WinControl.Schedule.UserDrawnRulerEventArgs) Handles DbiSchedule1.UserDrawnRuler


'Test that the dbiScheduleObject the ruler belongs to, is displaying Days

               If e.ScheduleObject.TimeType = Dbi.WinControl.Schedule.enumTimeType.Days Then

'Check that this is the first pass (drawing the background)
               If e.FirstDraw Then

'Declare some variables for tracking and drawing the colored in area

                Dim DayLeft As Integer = e.Rect.Left
'The first day will be at the left most edge.

                Dim DayWidth As Integer = Me.DbiSchedule1.TimeDistance
'Each day is as wide as the TimeDistance property of the control.

                Dim DayHeight As Integer = e.Rect.Height / 2
'The colored areas will be set to half the height of the total ruler area.

                Dim DayTop As Integer = e.Rect.Top + DayHeight
'The colored area will be in the bottom half of the ruler.


'Each day displayed in the ruler will need to be tested
               Dim dayLoop As DateTime = e.Start


'Loop through all the displayed dates, from left/start to right/end
                While dayLoop < e.End


'Test for a weekend

In this case, a test is performed to determine if the WeekendDays collection of the control contains the DayOfWeek of the current day in the loop
                    If (Me.DbiSchedule1.WeekendDays.Contains(dayLoop.DayOfWeek)) Then


'The current loop day is considered a weekend.  The background for the date in the ruler will be colored accordingly
                    e.Graphics.FillRectangle(New SolidBrush(e.ScheduleObject.WeekendColor), New Rectangle(DayLeft, DayTop, DayWidth, DayHeight))

                    End If


'Increment the dayLoop to the next displayed date
                    dayLoop = dayLoop.AddDays(1)

'Increment the variable for the left edge of the rectangle, by the width of a date

                    DayLeft += DayWidth

                End While

            End If

        End If

    End Sub

Complete information about Solutions Schedule .NET can be found here:

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    Have a Great Scheduling Day !  
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