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The DBI .NET Windows Gauge Control v3.0 (dbiGauge.dll) is a multi-tiered data visualization tool. At the top tier, the dbiGauge.dll control is a host for a collection of Gauge objects. The dbiGauge.dll control and each of the individual Gauge objects is comprised of their own collections of Needle, Path and Pin objects. When creating a simple gauge presentation a developer may only implement the primary gauge using one or all of the Needle, Path and Pin objects of the control. For example...

    dbi Gauge v3.0 - Studio Controls .NET by DBI Technologies Inc.  
    For more complex presentations a developer may choose to implement multiple gauge objects hosted in the control's collection and each of those gauge objects set with its own combination of Needle, Path and Pin settings.  For example...  
    Complex dbi gauge v3.0 presentation - Studio Controls .NET by DBI Technologies Inc.  
    For complete discussions look for the Developing With tutorial items in the Studio Controls .NET component help files. Also look for the in-depth documented source code samples including the sample application, "dbiGaugeAnimate.sln", created to demonstrate the flexibility shown above in the Studio Controls .NET product.  Download Studio Controls .NET v1.5 today and look for the  dbiGaugeAnimate.sln" under the C# or VB .NET code sample directory.  
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    Complete Studio Controls .NET product information is available here:  
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