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    Solutions Schedule .NET v6.0 - Released
    New Pricing Structure
    Tech Tip - Using Third Party Edit Controls with Solutions Schedule .NET 6.0
    Staff Scheduler Pro
    .NET Scheduling Framework 
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      ERP, CRM, MRP, SCM, ERM... there's a whole bowl of alphabet acronyms that speak to mining, producing, processing, transporting, responding to and satisfying our needs - consumer needs. Whether you're at the beginning of the supply chain building systems that support production of raw materials or at the end point of optimizing repair services, each element along the way is carefully managed.

How often do we stop to think of the logistic complexities, the simultaneous activities and the competing conflicts that go into supplying life in the twenty first century? As global markets expand and our appetites for 'new' grow - so too do our demands on: supply chain management, production planning, customer relations, field service management and enterprise resource management.

Can you imagine what management systems would be like without an intuitively interactive, functional and visually appealing interface! What would those system cost without software components? There's a reason why Solutions Schedule is the choice of enterprise software developers. Welcome to Solutions Schedule .NET version 6.0!
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  Scheduling, Text Analytics, UI Design Component Software - DBI Technologies Inc.
    Solutions Schedule .NET v6.0  -  RELEASED
The release of Solutions Schedule for .NET v6.0 incorporates a number of significant enhancements starting with direct inline editing of Resource List Items!  Side by Side schedule objects with drag and drop of Time Bars between the schedule objects, new Owner / User Drawn List Items, drag and drop sorting of List Items within their parent nodes and a whole section of new Time Line Ruler features!
Solutions Schedule .NET v6 - DBI Technologies Inc.    
Standard | Corporate | Enterprise Corporate | Enterprise
  • Resource List - Direct Inline Editing
  • Resource List - Drag Drop Items
  • Resource List - Edit and Combo Boxes
  • Resource List - Third party Edit Control
  • Resource List - User Drawn Items
  • Side by Side Schedule Objects
  • Drag Drop between Schedule Objects
  • User Drawn Time Line Ruler
  • User Drawn Time Line Ruler Title
      Discover Solutions Schedule .NET v6.0 today - full details available at:
    New Pricing Structure  
      We have added a new component (pardon the pun) to our pricing structures - you will now find an upgrade option on each of the product 'Stores' pricing pages. This new addition also necessitated a modification to our New Subscription pricing for those customers with expired product subscriptions. (this one for our friend Jacob in Toronto).  
      Details can be found right here :: https://www.dbi-tech.com/Store.aspx  
    Tech Tip - Using Third Party Edit Controls with Solutions Schedule .NET v6.0  
      Solutions Schedule .NET v6.0 (dbiSchedule.dll) uses standard text and combo boxes as its edit control. There are many cases where a third party control would be an ideal option for adding intuitive, direct in-line edit capability.  In this how to example we use the concept of a third party date picker control that has a drop down calendar.

To use a third party control in the resource list area of Solutions Schedule .NET v6.0, select a control that exposes the keys strokes being pressed to the host. The host control does not monitor for key strokes so we look to the third party control for this purpose.

With the third party control established, interrupt the controlís current edit mode process and monitor the third party control for the navigation keys being used, determine the new cell to go to after a navigation key is pressed, and then place the resource list back into edit mode.
Following are the steps are required to use a third party control:
Solutions Schedule .NET 6.0 - third party edit controls    
Staff Scheduler Pro
Staff Scheduler Pro - DBI Technologies Inc.    Staff Scheduler Pro has undergone a complete renovation.   
      Did you know, with the purchase of Solutions Schedule COM and Studio Controls COM site licenses you can get the Source Code for Staff Schedule Pro for Free!  
  .NET Scheduling Framework   
.NET Scheduling Framework - DBI Technologies Inc.    The DBI .NET Scheduling Framework is a source code product available for Free with the purchase of Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise and a site license of Studio Controls .NET.  
  Discover today...   
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Please Stay Connected with DBI Technologies Inc.     Many things have changed in the last short while - a new face on DBI Technologies (if you haven't seen it drop by dbi-tech.com), an entirely new Staff-Scheduler.com, a number of new product and service developments, to how we communicate with you.

Staying connected is how we let you know about important changes, new products, new service offerings and how you can let us know what's important for you.

As part of our new direct product download page we have included a Stay Connected sign up and consent area where you can let us know how we can stay connected.  We see this as a privilege and in respect only through staying connected will you receive unique special offers from DBI Technologies Inc.

Thank you for staying connected!
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      Looking for a special feature to give your application just the right edge, or, looking to give your project development a jump start - contact DBI's expert software technology consultants.  Give your development team advanced knowledge on using DBI's component products to full contract development services - we specialize in: 

> Appointment Scheduling
> Resource (Gantt style) Scheduling
> Integrating Extractor Document Summarization
> Building Reg. Free COM applications
> Extending .NET Controls
> Get the most from DBI's Warehouse Scheduling Framework
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Subscription products offer DBI component owners the best real-time, online, 24 hour value possible. 
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