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Features included in:
ctxSchedule v3.0
  • Locked Resource Item Rows
  • Time Bar Date Text (User Drawn)
  • Time Bar Visible - Toggle TimeBar visibility by attribute
  • Major Time Line Ruler - Set Time Line Appearance based on Major Ruler Time Value
  • Major Time Line Schedule - Set Time Line Appearance Through the Schedule Area
  • Print to Default Printer - Set Control for Printing to Default System Printer
  • Print Landscape - Select Print Output to Landscape
  • Print Range - Define Print Range by Column and by Row
  • Find Time Bar Cargo + Data values
  • Find Resource Item Cargo + Data Values
  • Scroll to Column - Scroll the Multi Resource List to a specific Column
  • Before Print (Event)
  • Complete Technical Details found in the ctxSchedule.chm Help File  -  Product Download
ctxSchedule v2.0
  • 64 Bit computing support
  • TimeBar Borders
  • ScrollBar maximum value
  • Colour Bar Vertical Offset
  • TimeLine Middle Ruler Display - User Drawn Mode
  • Set ScrollBar Values for Small and Large Increments
  • Unicode Support
  • TimeBar Move Method - programmatically move TimeBars vertically
  • TimeBar Horizontal / Vertical move properties - set run-time TimeBar move behaviour
  • New Day / Month Offset property
  • New Horizontal Grid Line Color property
  • Drag and Drop :  Full drag and drop support within the control and from outside of the control. Drag items into the list or into the schedule from any area on a form.

  • Schedule Area Notes :  set specific notes and representative note images within the Gantt scheduling area. Customize Note image, text presentation and location of the Note.

  • BarStyles property :  allows developers to determine if they want BarStyles properties or the properties on individual TimeBars to have the highest priority when being rendered in the control. This property will provides developers greater control over the appearance of the ctSchedule control, as well as, allow for better compatibility with older versions of the Solutions Schedule product.

  • Tips on Schedule Area Notes :  to present the text of the note to the user when the mouse hovers over a note.

  • Line Arrows :  arrow images to denote that more time bars are out of the current view; in a previous view or in the next view forward.

  • Line Arrow Events :   fire when a user clicks on an arrow allowing the developer to present and/or programmatically scroll to the next or previous time bar, or a time bar selected from a list, not visible in the schedule area within a schedule item. 

  • Time Bar height definition :  gets the height of the time bars in a schedule.

  • Line height definition :  gets the default line height of the resource list and schedule areas.

  • Time Bar Linking / Unlinking :  a set of before linking events and enhanced unlinking methods providing developers programmatic control for TimeBar Linking and UnLinking.

  • User Drawn TimeBars :  Create custom OLEPicture TimeBars.

  • HitTest Method : HitTest methods can be used to position custom dialogs, tooltips and whiteboard solutions for example. Also, the HitTest Methods are an excellent resource for creating custom drag and drop features with specific Date and Time At - X and/or Y coordinates, within your application.

  • Guide Lines : Increase scheduling accuracy and timebar viewing with Guide Lines. Guide Lines are vertical lines used to highlight specific times on a schedule offering users discrete “snap-to” functionality for easier time bar positioning and viewing.

  • Time Bar Linking : Display visible relationships between time bars. Time Bar Link lines can be displayed with different colors, thicknesses, and one of three link types.

  • Map View compressed view of all defined schedules directly above the schedule view (gantt)  area. From within the Map Area, "point & click" support provides quick navigation to that segment of a loaded schedule.

  • Dead Zones : Create areas in the schedule into which time bars cannot be created, sized, moved.

  • List Header Styles :  Set line items to display and behave as headers. Enhance presentation with discrete formatting of header items.

  • Time Lines :  Style vertical time division lines of the Time Scale Ruler through the Gantt area in the scheduler.

  • Time Bar Overlap Use built-in methods and custom events to quickly locate conflicts between time bars throughout the entire schedule.

  • Edit Modes :  Persistent edit modes for - erasing, linking and un-linking time bars.

  • Undo / Redo :  Use built-in Undo and Redo methods for any user-activity with time bars (adding, moving, sizing, deleting, linking, and unlinking time bars). Developers have full control over Undo / Redo limits.

  • XML Import & Export :  Read and Write to/from XML data and optionally include presentation detail.

  • Remote XML file support :  Read XML files from local, LAN, WAN resources or webservers.

  • Export to Image :  Publish schedules to the web and add images to reports.

  • Time Frames :  Present schedules in time frames end-users want: minutes, hours, weeks, months, quarters or years.

  • List Header & TimeLine Ruler Presentation :  Enhance time line presentations with full control of captions and color bars.

  • Color Bars :  Add areas of color to enhance readability

  • Built-in Printing :  Options for page footers, title fonts, title alignment, and masked bitmaps.

  • General Features : Insert schedule items, Manipulate vertical scroll, Minimum time bar width, XP Style fill patterns for the list headers and ruler.


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