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Visualizing Enterprise Resource Data
Using Drag and Drop Gantt Style Presentations for Intuitive Data Insight
July 2016, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 64 Bit C++, VBA, Microsoft Access, LabVIEW, Delphi and other 64-bit COM based Developers - DBI Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Solutions Schedule COM 64. This new product release provides Enterprise software developers with the right set of tools for visually presenting Enterprise Resource Planning data in an intuitive, Gantt style drag and drop user presentation. Drop Solutions Schedule COM 64 into your project, set the properties and connect to any data source using standard data connectors and in very short order you have a very powerful user interface for interacting with your Enterprise Resource Planning Data.

DBI Technologies Inc. is the recognized market leader of drag and drop Gantt style Enterprise Resource
Planning, Scheduling and User Interface design component software for Windows Developers.  Supporting a
wide range of .NET and ActiveX / COM based software developers for Twenty Years, DBI products and
services are industry tested with an enviable list of success stories where the Solutions Schedule and
Studio Controls product lines have provided uncommon value.

"DBI's ActiveX / COM component software products have built-in flexibility for developers working in any
COM (component object model) compliant based development platform including C++, VBA, Microsoft Access, LabVIEW, Delphi and many others", said Craig Gluck, DBI's VP of product development.  Solutions Schedule COM 64 offers developers working in 64 bit environments a complete, application-like component software product for intuitive drag and drop, Gantt style Enterprise Resource Planning and Scheduling snap-in functionality."

It's not uncommon to hear DBI customers say, for example... "your controls rock" (JT at Ball Aerospace),
"DBI Component Software is a real differentiator for us" (JS at PureLogic) and "DBI Controls saved the
day for us" (NG at BlackRock).

DBI continues to extend incredible value for the VBA and COM based developer community.  Starting back with Alan Cooper's vision for a tightly integrated, drag and drop application designer that set the development environment standards for today, DBI's ActiveX product line up has been engineered to standards and accommodates the broadest range of IDE's from Microsoft Access to LabVIEW to 64 bit VBA.

A single developer's license of Solutions Schedule COM 64 starts at only $1,495. Complete product details including compiled demo's and 64 bit and 32 bit samples with integrated PEM viewers in Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Access / VBA formats can be found at: https://www.dbi-tech.com.

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About DBI Technologies Inc.
DBI Technologies Inc. is a commercial software development company focused on empowering application
developers with the most flexible and respected, reusable commercial component software and services for Scheduling, Presentation layer, User Experience and Text Analytics application design. DBI is recognized
for its award winning component products and its technical support for customers working in any
Microsoft or .NET and OLE compliant development environment.

As an industry leader in the implementation of component-based application development, DBI provides
creative solutions for its customers, incorporating current technologies built on commercially sound component-based architectures.   https://www.dbi-tech.com.

For further information please contact:
Marketing |dbimarket [AT] dbi-tech.com
800.670.8045 | 204.985.5770 | 204.943.0738 (fax)

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