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Winnipeg, MB. - September 2014  - DBI Technologies Inc., is a renowned innovator of component software for Logistics, Enterprise Resource Management, scheduling, text analytics and modern Windows UI design and they have just released version six (6.0) of their flagship product - Solutions Schedule .NET.  "We're proud to be releasing version 6.0 of Solutions Schedule .NET which represents a significant upgrade, offering Visual Studio Developers direct inline resource editing, drag and drop between Side by Side schedule objects, new owner drawn functionality, drag and drop sorting of resource list Child Items and a whole lot more." said Craig Gluck, DBI's vice President of Product Development. "Solutions Schedule has really become a full fledged scheduling application in a component."

DBI has been providing snap-in, Drag and Drop scheduling component software for the better part of twenty years and the release of Solutions Schedule .NET version 6.0 firmly states they fully intend on continuing their market leading position and the supply of industry approved component software for Windows application development. "Our customers include a long list of commercial software companies that provide industry leading products meeting the needs of their ERP, MRP, CRM, SCM, Logistics, scheduling and planning focused market customers, all using DBI component software." said Rod Miller, of DBI's marketing group.

The release of Solutions Schedule .NET v6.0 and the breadth of new functionality packaged into this release demonstrates DBI's approach to solving many of the critical user interface design requirements of its customers and of the Logistics, ERP and MRP market places. Fundamentally, end users want to have more direct interaction with the data they are working with and being able to use direct inline editing and an intuitive drag and drop Gantt style Scheduling interface helps increase efficiencies and user productivity.

The visual presentation aspects of the Solutions Schedule product line combined with the crafted architecture and fundamental business rules incorporated into the components offer an unparalleled set of developer focused features. For example, DBI's new User Drawn Resource List items allow developers to fully extend their data presentations (DBI's open data architecture allows for connecting to any data source) and the new drag - drop between schedule objects improves scheduling capabilities between multiple schedule entities - a great addition for supply chain management and logistics organizations.

Solutions Schedule incorporates an optimized architecture and its overall design make it ideally suited for the most demanding of enterprise applications, handling hundreds of thousands of activities, resources, constraints and reservations. "The Visual Studio Industry Partner Market Team is pleased that our Visual Studio Partner - DBI Technologies, continues to take advantage of the latest Visual Studio developments," said Tom Lindeman, Director, Microsoft Developer Tools Sales and Marketing. "DBI's resource planning and scheduling software is based on advanced development architectures enabling development teams to integrate scheduling and optimization functionality quickly and cost-effectively."
DBI's industry proven component-based software is found in commercial and enterprise solutions that support healthcare and logistics, manufacturing and assembly line production, ERP and CRM - making sure your plumber gets to you on time. Designed to complement and enhance existing investments in enterprise resource planning, the advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions offered by DBI's Component Software hit the mark.
For full product details, enterprise licensing and other component software solutions from DBI, please navigate to: https://www.dbi-tech.com or anyone of DBI's world wide value added reseller partners.

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About DBI Technologies Inc.

DBI Technologies Inc. is an industry proven supplier of innovative scheduling, resource planning, interface design and text analytic component software. DBI's focus is on empowering application development teams with the right tools, at the right time. DBI offers creative and innovative solutions for customers looking to incorporate industry leading technologies built on commercially sound component-based architectures.

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