xAIgent is an agnostic content summarization technology that automatically parses news, information, documents... into relevant and contextually accurate abbreviated summaries.
Used by search engine optimization (SEO) and document management companies, the xAIgent summarization technology reads a document, much like a human being does, returning lists of the keywords and key phrases accurately weighted as they are found in that document, text or web page.
Ready for web services, packaged software or customized with the source code framework, Extractor is immediately capable of consuming documents of any length and subject matter, distilling the precise, contextual meaning of the target content into keyword and key phrase summary formats. xAIgent's unique patented technology delivers precise content summaries in any subject domain without retraining and without human intervention.

What makes 
xAIgent Different?

The xAIgent technology uses a patented set of core algorithms to extract (read) key phrases from any text-based document. The patented process allows Extractor to maintain the context in which the subject matter has been expressed and one of the primary differences. In essence a machine learned method for reading (summarizing ) any document of any subject matter written in an electronic text format. The distinction of machine learned is important in contrast to other methods of summarization discussed, which typically use referential and / or probability based theories for trying to determine content. These contrasting approaches require that their algorithms be trained and retrained per specific subject domain (non-machine learned) and are usually only supported in English.

The xAIgent Technology does not require per subject training and retraining allowing it to be used across any set of documents in one or a mix of subject domains and in any of six international languages (English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish) immediately.
Platform agnostic : At its core the xAIgent API is designed for developers using the most common computing and design platforms which today include Windows, Linux and Mac. The architecture of the Extractor Technology does allow for custom system compiles as need arise. The commercial software development kit (SDK) includes development support for C, VC++, C#, Java, Perl, Python (Visual Studio and Visual Studio .NET).
Summarization : xAigent API is exceptionally good at content / Text summarization incorporating its patented technology to summarize text, e-mail and html content into weighted lists of keywords and key phrases extracting the primary contextual sentence highlight of how the keyword / key phrase has been used.

Uniquely positioned for web services, xAIgent is immediately capable of consuming documents of any length and subject matter, distilling the precise, contextual meaning of the content into keyword and key phrase summary formats. xAIgent's unique patented technology delivers precise content summaries of any subject domain without retraining and without human intervention.
Important distinction : xAIgent is extremely effective for objectively distilling a document down to its key concepts providing users with highly focused keywords and keyphrases including contextual examples of exactly how the keywords / keyphrases have been used in the document - an extraction.

In contrast, a synopsis is a subjective interpretation of a document providing the end user with a high level statement of what that person believes the author intended the reader to comprehend. Such as an abstract. Subjective is an important note - to date automated processes for generating a synopsis have not been perfected - and why they remain a human based process.
Relevant Information : Not just information but contextually accurate, relevant information is a critical tool for the success of business today. Being able to source relevant information in context of the subject matter is what gives organizations an ultimate competitive advantage. Rather than working through traditional, time consuming, iterative search engine processes, incorporating xAIgent into Enterprise systems empowers corporate information with relevant and meaningful representations meeting the needs of today's social workforce.


For an interactive demonstration of how xAIgent can provide relevant information and assist knowledge workers please see https://xAIgent.net
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