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Key Features
Drag 'n Drop Scheduling
Direct Edit
- Schedule Object
- Resource List Items
- Time Bar Items
Custom Time Bar Styles
Interactive Time Bars
Custom Time Types
Guide Lines
Edit Mode Toolbar
Auto Scroll on Drag
Horizontal Movement
Vertical Movement
Multi Column Resource List
- Tree structure
- Column Header Definitions
- Item Cell Definitions
- Column Sorting (built-in)
List Guide
Time Bar Conflicts
Text in Time Bars
Time Bar Images
Time Bar Linking
Line Item Formatting
Dead Zones
Map Area
Navigation Buttons
Schedule Notes
Snap to guide lines
Milestone Markers
Owner Drawn Time Bars
Owner Drawn Titles
Undo / Redo History
Built-in Printing
Time Bars - Styles and Themes
Time bars can represent activities, resource allocations and the like for a specific period of time, and are displayed within the Schedule area.
In addition to the traditional assigned start times and end times (like an appointment), a Time Bar may also be used to represent other aspects of a schedule such as project milestones, elapsed time (progress percentages), including developer/user defined beginning and end point images. Solutions Schedule for WPF comes with 15 pre-defined icons including Milestone Markers or developers may implement their own custom images.
Displaying images within the body of a time bar is also possible. Brushes, border styles, vertical offsets, text and icons provide for other unique time bar presentations.
DBI Scheduler for WPF - Time Bar deisgns
Schedule Conflicts
Business rules may dictate that two resources may not be scheduled at the same time or within certain bounds of each other - these are managed quite effectively. However, we know scheduling conflicts do happen and a great way to alert of potential conflicts is to give end users a visual queue:
DBI Scheduler for WPF - Time Bar Conflicts
Time Bar Linking
Maintaining discrete relationships between resources and schedule activities allows for improved scheduling accuracy, greater manageability in large schedule plans while emphasizing a priority for the flow of events.
DBI Scheduler for WPF - Time Bar | Resource Linking
Time Bar Linking creates visual and functional elements for managing those relationships. Solutions Schedule for WPF offers extensive linking capability and may be implemented using:
  - Standard   - Start to End   - Zero
  - Reciprocal   - Start to Start   - One
  - Direct   - End to Start   - One to Many
  - TimeBar Split   - End to End   - Link / UnLink
DBI Scheduler for WPF - Time Bar Resource Linking Types
Owner (User) Drawn Time Bars
The user drawn functionality of the dbiScheduleWPF control provides developers with two opportunities to override the control's native drawing routines for Time Bars and line presentations in the header items.
Time Bars
User-Drawn Time Bars provide developers an opportunity to take over the painting of any or all time bars in the dbiScheduleWPF control. User Drawn Time Bars behave just the same as standard time bars.
Header Items
Keep track of projects and grouped tasks visually as they progress through the schedule by implementing custom header items to represent current status.
DBI Scheduler for WPF - User Drawn Header and Time Bar Resource Items

Interactive Gantt style drag and drop multi resource scheduling
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