.NET WPF Component software
Solutions Schedule WPF
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Key Features
Drag 'n Drop Scheduling
Direct Edit
- Schedule Object
- Resource List Items
- Time Bar Items
Custom Time Bar Styles
Interactive Time Bars
Custom Time Types
Guide Lines
Edit Mode Toolbar
Auto Scroll on Drag
Horizontal Movement
Vertical Movement
Multi Column Resource List
- Tree structure
- Column Header Definitions
- Item Cell Definitions
- Column Sorting (built-in)
List Guide
Time Bar Conflicts
Text in Time Bars
Time Bar Images
Time Bar Linking
Line Item Formatting
Dead Zones
Map Area
Navigation Buttons
Schedule Notes
Snap to guide lines
Milestone Markers
Owner Drawn Time Bars
Owner Drawn Titles
Undo / Redo History
Built-in Printing
Drag and Drop WPF Resource Scheduler
Solutions Schedule for WPF allows developers to set interactive drag and drop functionality for vertical and horizontal movement of time bars within the schedule area.
Solutions Schedule for WPF Drag and Drop Resource Management 
Solutions Schedule for WPF Drag and Drop Resource Management 
Direct Edit 
Create custom dialogues for direct entry of scheduling information. 
Solutions Schedule for WPF Time Dialog 
dbiScheduleWPF Collections 
Solutions Schedule for WPF (dbiScheduleWPF.dll) provides a series of collections offering developers discrete access to the data elements that make Solutions Schedule the number one choice of Visual Studio developers. Primary collections include: 

- Schedule Object
- Resource List Items
- Time Bar Items 

The dbiScheduleWPF control allows a developer to create and maintain a close binding to the database objects represented in its collections. 

Interactive Gantt style drag and drop multi resource scheduling
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