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DBI Technologies Inc - Calendar WPF - Month View, Multi Day and Resource View, Week View
DBI Calendar WPF v2.0
Multiple Schedule Views - One Control
DBI Technologies Inc - Studio Controls COM 64 DBI Technologies Inc - DBI Corporate Suite - 100 plus .NET and COM controls for Scheduling and UI Design
32 and 64 Bit Unicode ActiveX Controls | .NET WinForms,
WPF and Silverlight Controls for Scheduling and UI Design
Solutions Schedule Silverlight XAML C# VB .NET Gantt Resource Scheduling for modern Visual Studio applications Calendar Silverlight - 3 Controls in One - Day, Month, Week views - Appointments, Contacts, Locations, Tasks
Multi Resource and Outlook Schedulers for Silverlight | RIA
WPF Resource Schedule Gantt Roster Plan ERP WPF Mobile .NET multi Calendar component software
Multi Resource and Outlook Schedulers for WPF Development 
WinForms Smart Client Click Once Resource Schedule Component software Studio Controls for .NET - 18 royalty free WinForms controls for modern Windows UI and Scheduling design
Modern Windows UI Design and Scheduling for WinForms
Solutions Schedule for COM - Gantt style drag and drop resource scheduling Studio Controls for COM - User Interface design appointment scheduling navigation
Gantt drag and drop resource planning scheduling optimization
Intelligent Text Mining and Document Summarization 9 Royalty Free ActiveX Controls for VFP, VB, C++, Access
Text Mining  |  Keyword Summary UI Design for COM Compliant IDE's 
Gantt style Resource Planning, Rostering and  Scheduling - includes payroll export, POS integration and support for ADP, Squirrel, Micros, Aloha, Great Plains ... DBi Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework - As Source Code Solution
Drag and drop Employee Scheduling .NET Scheduling Framework
Desktop to Mobile - Great software inspired by
outstanding developer experiences.
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