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Studio Controls COM 64 - ctxDate
ctxDate -  Add modern date presentations and date selection capabilities quickly with this 32 bit / 64 bit Unicode drop down date selection control. Create Calendar presentations with one, two or three month configurations with ease.
To select a date - the end user need only to click on the desired date.   
Date Presentation and Selection Control - 64 bit Unicode ActiveX control for Access, C++ ...
Display options include :  
  • Independent weekend colors,
  • independent date colors, 
  • navigation buttons
  • border options for the selected and unselected dates. 
3 month Date Presentation and Selection Control - 64 bit Unicode ActiveX control for Access, C++ ...
Multiple Presentation Styles :
  • Independent weekend, date, or week number colors.
  • Show or hide fill-dates from last and next months.
  • Show or hide navigation buttons. 
  • Select default styles or create custom styles 
Print in Window :  
  • Print the contents of the current calendar on a specific area of a page. Requires a valid printer device context.  
Date Handling Methods :  
  • Custom methods for quickly coding - LastDay, LastMonth, LastYear, NextDay, NextMonth, NextYear, or Today.   
Definable Weekends :
  • Defines the days associated with the weekends and assign a custom background color for them.   
 Dual Months :
  • Present two months at a time, or synchronize multiple instances for additional presentation options.
Week Numbers :
  • Display week numbers with a user defined start of year. Optionally show week numbers to the left or right of dates.   
Today Date :  
  • Display the current date at the bottom of the calendar. Multi-Select : Select more than one date at a time.   
Transparency :  
  • A great time saving feature - images are important presentation elements and setting the tone just right can be time consuming - not with ctxDate's simulated Transparency feature.
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