Three Silverlight Scheduling Controls in ONE
Manage all of your dynamic Outlook style Schedule requirements with ease and with one control. Multi Column Day  view, Month view and Week view - all in one Silverlight Control.  Calendar Silverlight offers Direct edit appointment scheduling with multiple calendar dimensions:  
  • Appointments
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Tasks
DBI Calendar Silverlight  - Appointments, Contracts, Locations and Tasks - Many to Many Releationships
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Across the enterprise and around the world - enable your end users with functionality to elegantly manage the multiple dimensions of Scheduling.  Direct inline editing and multi object grouping, sorting and full data integration for an unparalleled scheduling experience - all in One control.
Multiple Time zone planning and schedule management made simple. 
DBI Calendar Silverlight combines three control views;  
  • Multi Column Day / Resource View
  • Month Calendar View
  • Week Calendar View...
One compact, feature rich, royalty free Silverlight component - expertly add schedule functionality in any Silverlight application.    
Data Integration - DBI Calendar Silverlight is designed for data flexibility. Connect to any data source - XML to SQL to Oracle to DB2 ...  
Calendar Silverlight - Week View Data Integration 
 Calendar Silverlight expertly manages:   
  • One to One, One-to-Many and Many-to-Many relationships for each of: Appointments, Contacts, Locations and Tasks
It's not uncommon for one appointment, a conference call for instance, to appear in many locations, have many contacts and have many tasks associated with that activity.  Calendar Silverlight resolves schedule complexities with one holistic management solution wrapped for elegant user experiences.
Calendar Silverlight - Month View 
Variable Time Scale - Life doesn't happen in nice even 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals. Life happens around the clock and in any combination or permutation of time.   Set your appointment scheduling on any increment of time between 1 minute and 60 minutes!
Onsite service personnel are scheduled when they're needed, Golf Course Tee Times are scheduled on 7 minute intervals and components of a dentist appointment may range from 3 minutes to 55 minutes.
With Calendar Silverlight present schedules based on time scale increments of 1 minute to 60 minutes or any combination in between. 
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Calendar Silverlight
Key Features
Three Schedule Views in One Control
Direct Inline Editing
Complexity made simple
Variable Appointment Time Scale
Object Level Data Management
Full MVVM Support
Perfect Pricing - $179/dev
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Owner / User Drawn:  
Day formats
Custom Areas
Week summary  
Data Collections  
Grouping | Sorting
by Appointment
by Contact  
by Custom Column
by Day
by Location  
by Month
by Task
by Sub Group
by Week
Product Includes
Royalty Free Distribution
C#, VB.NET, XAML samples
Executable demos
Single, Multi Developer Licenses
Source Code available
Demo's Included
Appointment Options
Custom Time Scale
Data Binding
Drag and Drop
Multi Date Selection
Owner Drawn
Data Objects
Schedule Views
Multi Column Day
Multi column Resource
Owner Drawn
General Features
Custom Context Menu
Custom Dialogue
Direct Edit
Custom Areas
Dead zones
Drag and Drop Scheduling
More appointment indicators
XML Data base
Built in Printing
Drag and Scroll
Move Next | Previous
View Navigation buttons
Minimum Requirements
Silverlight version 5
Visual Studio 2010
Silverlight Toolkit (for samples)
The Perfect Companion
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