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dbiScheduleWPF v4.0

Resource List
Item Drag and Drop
  • AllowListItemDrag
  • ListItemDragBackground

  • ListItemDragHeight

  • AfterListItemExchange (event)

  • TextWrapping – Multi Line Wrapped Text in a List Column

Gantt Scheduling Area
Major TimeLine presentation
  • MajorTimeLineRuler
  • MajorTimeLineSched

  • MajorSchedStroke

  • MajorSchedStrokeThickness

  • OverlapStroke - TimeBar Overlap Line Brush

  • TimeBarVisible - Set TimeBars visible / non-visible

  • ScheduleSelectBackground - Resource List Item Highlighting through the Schedule area

dbiScheduleWPF  v3.0
The enhancements found in version 3.0 assist developers with direct programmatic interaction within specific areas of the control - custom areas, the multi column resource list / tree view area and the Gantt scheduling area.
  • ColumnAt

  • CustomAreaAt

  • ScheduleAreaActualWidth

  • ListAreaActualWidth

  • ScheduleAreaActualHeight

  • ListAreaActualHeight

  • AfterListItemExpand

  • BeforeListItemExpland

  • BeforeListItemCollapse

  • AfterListItemCollapse

  • BeforeListItemSelect

  • AfterListItemSelect

  • AfterTimeBarSelect

  • TimeBarMoving

dbiScheduleWPF  v2.5
dbi Schedule Object
Default design settings   
  • line item alternating color    
  • scheduling area line color    
  • header color    
  • ruler alignment, formatting and fill types   
  • timeline color

Current Windows Styles and Themes

Time Bar Scheduling Area
Bar Fill Styles
Bar Sub Text
Built-In Bar Dialogue
Built in Undo Feature
Custom Edit Cursors
Custom bar start / end Icons
Date/Time at X,Y coordinate 
Dates in Bars
Display Overlapping Time Bars (Conflicts)
Drag Drop Time Bars Btwn Schedule Objects
Dynamically Create Time Bars
Guide Lines  
Hit Test Method 
Horizontal / Vertical Bar Movement
Horizontal / Vertical Drag -n- Drop
Independent Fonts
Line Item Arrows*
Linking Time Bars (1 to 1)
Linking Time Bars (1 to many)
List Guide
Locked Bars
Map Area
More Time Bars Functionality
  • Time Bars Before Schedule Method
  • Time Bars After Schedule Method
Milestone Markers
Multiple Edit Modes
Multi Level Undo / Redo
Pre-defined start /end Icons
Programmatic Date/Time Scrolling
Schedule Notes 
Selected Bar Color
Select Highlight
Snap To Divisions
Snap to Grid
Snap to Grid - Enhanced
Stock & Custom Bar Styles
Text into View
Text Wrap
Time Bar Alarms
Time Bar Date Display
Time Bar Multi Select
Time Bar Shadows 
Time Bar Tool Tips
Undo / Redo
User Drawn Time Bars  
User Drawn Time Bar After Event  
Theme / Style Gradient Fills
Weekend Color
Resource List / Data Grid
Alternating Line Color
Checkbox Edit Mode
Column Designer Property Page
Column Header Sorting
Direct Inline Editing
Header Items From Lists
Independent Fonts
Individual Cell Formatting Properties
Integrated Tree / List View
Keyboard Navigation
Line Height Method - returns Schedule Item Height
Multiple Columns
Multi - Select List Items
Node Item Level Sorting
Resource List Header Styles 
Tool Tips
User Drawn Header
User Drawn Item
Variable Line Item Height
Back Image
Block Colors
Conflict Management
Drag and Drop
Export to Image
Excel Style Resizing
Header & Footer in Resource List
Define Resources Per Row
Include Presentation Data in XML
Load from XML
Save to XML
Virtual Load Option
Write XML - all, data and properties
Print Schedule
Print Title
Print Footers
Print to Any Page Format
Print Multiple Pages
Ruler (Date / Time Scale)
Automatic Scrolling
Automatically Maximize View Area
Built In Time Views (Zoom)
Current Timeline
Custom Text
Dead Zones (Reserved Areas)
Definable Time Line Intervals
Definable Time Line Styles
Definable Week Start and Work Days
Side  by Side Schedule Objects
Today Line
User Drawn Ruler / Ruler Title
Value Point, Font and Fore Color properties
DBI Technologies Inc. - Buy Solutions Schedule COMSolutions Schedule COM v12 Downaload Trial License
DBI Technologies Inc. - Buy Solutions Schedule COMSolutions Schedule COM v12 Downaload Trial License
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