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Automating Metadata Management

For Developers

At the heart of Doc-Tags is a critical process, xAIgent, which consumes any subject domain text and turns that text into a concise list of descendingly important keywords - a process that has uncommon accuracy and contextual validity giving the user an objective 30,000 foot insightful understanding of what that text is about. All, with automated precision.
xAIgent automates Keyword, Key Phrase, Key Term retrieval

The critical Key Phrase Extraction process contained within the xAIgent RESTful API.

The automatic document tagging service of Doc-Tags is a starting point - an example of how the xAIgent utility can be exercised. Upon further evaluation you will find that xAIgent is incredibly adept at surfacing key terminology that often goes unseen by the human eye.
Doc-Tags - xAIgent Visual Studio Code Page
Putting the Context in CaseText
When the chief Technology Officer for CaseText  (CARA Research Suite) went looking for an agnostic, purely objective approach for retrieving key terminology, key phrases and keywords from Legal Proceedings, his search came to an abrupt end after a brief evaluation of xAIgent. Today, xAIgent provides the context and accuracy of the key phrases found in CaseText's case law search service.  learn more about xAIgent...
xAIgent adds Context to CARA by CaseText
Automatically, without training, of any subject matter
Objectively retrieve the key terms, key phrases, keywords of any text
Accurately and within milliseconds.
Automatically create lists of key phrases in ascending / descending order of importance
 Doc-Tags - Keyword, Key Phrase Extraction from any Subject Domain text
 Discover Linguistic Patterns 
Searching for linguistic patterns can be like searching for a needle in a hay stack - not any more. xAIgent solves that problem in a heart beat and with automated precision.  Expose repeatedly used terminology that may be cloaked with incongruent language.
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