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The successful launch of JWST demonstrates years of advanced technology development that Ball Aerospace and other industry partners at Goddard Space Flight Center undertook starting in 1996. Multitudes of test and data acquistion systems used during the development of the James Webb Space Telescope (NASA, CSA, ESA) captured millions of data points. Ball Aerospace have Long relied upon DBI's enterprise Data Visualisation components to make those critical data points usefully visible, for actionable data results.

       ActiveX  |  COM  
  Studio Controls COM 64 - 15 Unicode ActiveX Controls
Studio Controls COM 64
- Studio Controls COM 64 offers an outstanding developer experiences with a complete set of 32/64 bit Unicode Scheduling, Data Input, Data Presentation, Dialogues, Calendar, and Navigation software components. Quickly and efficiently in the choice of developer 64 bit IDE;  C++, Microsoft Access, VBA, Delphi, LabVIEW and others.   more...
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Solutions Schedule COM 64 - Gantt Style Enterprise Resource Planning for Access, C++, VBA, LabVIEW ...
Solutions Schedule COM 64
  - offers the perfect 64 bit ActiveX choice for developers creating Gantt style intuitive Resource Planning, Field Service Management, Logistics Management and Warehousing Solutions. Quickly and efficiently in the choice of developer 64 bit IDE;  C++, Microsoft Access, VBA, Delphi, LabVIEW and others.  more...
Solutions Schedule for COM - Gantt Style Drag and Drop scheduling and planningSolutions Schedule for COM
  - the Developer Choice for Gantt style, Drag and Drop schedule control for asset management, Healthcare, Logistics any type of multi-resource, ERP planning and scheduling need.  Solutions Schedule for COM includes royalty-free distribution, compiled sample applications, sample application source code in VB and VFP plus one year of  full subscription support.  more...  
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  Studio Controls for COM - 63 royalty free ActiveX controls for UX design and Scheduling
tudio Controls for COM - 89 royalty free UX design and Scheduling controls for any OLE compliant IDE. Offering an outstanding developer experience with a complete set of Scheduling, Data Input, Data Presentation, Dialogue, Calendar, and Navigation software components - includes one year of technical support, component updates, product upgrades, online license management. 
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      .NET  |  WinForms   
  Solutions Schedule for .NET - Gantt Drag and Drop ERP scheduling
Solutions Schedule for .NET
 -  The ultimate asset management, multi-resource and optimization scheduling component software. With built-in functionality for managing conflicts through a Gantt style drag-n-drop user interface, Solutions Schedule for .NET is ideal for Health Care solutions to Enterprise ERP solutions. For any project that requires management of resources against a time line or critical path.
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Studio Controls for .NET - 18 Royalty Free UX design, Calendar and Scheduling Controls for .NET WinForms
Studio  Controls for .NET  -  Provides enterprise developers with a complete set of Windows design,  presentation and appointment scheduling component software.  Offering 18 royalty-free .NET WinForms Smart Client controls with new owner drawn and scheduling features. Studio Controls for .NET includes sample applications in C# and VB .NET, plus one full year of technical support, updates and product upgrades.  more...
  dbi calendar wpf - three royalty free schedule and calendar controls in 1
Calendar WPF  -  Three Schedule and Calendar controls in One! A comprehensive product for .NET developers offering an integrated Day View, Week View and Month View component features, perfect for adding scheduling functionality in any WPF application.   more...
  Solutions Schedule for WPF - Royalty free Gantt style Drag and Drop EPR planning and scheduling for WPF
Solutions Schedule WPF  -  Bring full featured Resource scheduler, planning, and Gantt style management to your enterprise applications. From desktop to mobile computing platforms, extend enterprise resource management, scheduling and optimization functionality with Solutions Schedule for WPF.   more...
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C++, Java, Perl, Python, SharePoint, Web Services 
      Information Mining - Key Word Content Summary  
  Doc-Tags.com - Automatic Document Tagging with built-in ReportingDoc-Tags -  Doc-Tags is an automatic Document Tagging app that extracts contextually accurate and relevant keyphrases from a Document (.doc, .docx, .txt) and automatically places those keyphrases (Tags) into the Tags property of the target Document's profile elevating that document for Contextually Accurate and Relevant retrieval and content searches. Doc-Tags works in six languages (English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish) and incorporates its own database of results for customized document management, keyphrase comparison, keyphrase search and reporting.  
  Extractor - Information Mining through automatic content summarizationxAIgent -  ( pr Ex-Agent )  -  Extract the pure essence, the pure meaning of a document, an ebook, a series of search engine queries - automatically, across all subject domains and without any training or supervision required. xAIgent is a platform agnostic information mining / Keyword and Key phrase extraction summarizing RESTful service perfectly suited for information workers, content management systems, and mobile information reader services.  more...   
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  Staff Scheduler Pro -  Staff, Employee, Resource Planning and Scheduling commercial  software - quick to set up, faster to useStaff-Scheduler PRO  -  one touch, drag and drop enterprise resource scheduling solution specialized for the Hospitality and Retail industries. Manage all staff related information, scheduling and payroll provision needs. Schedule staff based on experience, availability, shift work while automatically accounting for schedule exceptions.  Management reporting is complete with detailed cost analysis, labor burden, real-time budgeting and covers analysis. Full POS integration modules available.  more...   
.NET Warehouse Schedule FrameworkWarehouse and Shipments Scheduling Framework (WSF)  -  Open the 'box' (in Visual Studio), select your data source and using the integrated data mapping tool sync your tables and click compile - you now have a full Warehouse Scheduling Application!

This is a royalty-free source code Framework product designed for you to customize - application source code is free and included with  site license purchase of Studio Controls for .NET and Solutions Schedule for .NET Enterprise.
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