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     Purchase Presenting data with real life functional interaction increases the utility of an application. Solutions Schedule for Silverlight offers developers a breadth of industry proven features and capabilities that provide for engaging initial first impressions and lasting intuitive navigation.
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Key Features   Dead Zones
Drag 'n Drop Scheduling   Dead Zones are areas of the schedule view set at time constraints where resources should not / cannot (as programmed) be scheduled.
Direct Edit
- Schedule Object   Edit Modes
- Resource List Items   With a simple right mouse click enters the end user into the Edit Mode dialogue presenting seven (7) primary functions:
- Time Bar Items  
Custom Time Bar Styles   > Edit - create, move and resize time bars;
Interactive Time Bars   > Erase - delete time bars from a schedule
Custom Time Types   > Select - a multi select tool
Custom Context Menu   > Link - create one to many time bar relationships (linking)
Guide Lines   > Unlink - remove time bar links
Edit Mode Toolbar   > Split - when one activity needs to be split into one or more
Auto Scroll on Drag   > Guide Line - add guide lines to a schedule for precision alignment
Horizontal Movement    
Vertical Movement   Solutions Schedule for Silverlight - Edit Modes
Multi Column Resource List  
- Tree structure  
- Column Header Definitions  
- Item Cell Definitions  
- Column Sorting (built-in)
List Guide  
Time Bar Conflicts  
Text in Time Bars    
Time Bar Images   Guide Lines
Time Bar Linking Guide Lines are objects that may be assigned to a schedule at discrete dates and times providing granular Snap To capability.
Line Item Formatting  
Dead Zones  
Map Area   Line Arrows
Navigation Buttons   Line arrows indicate additional Time Bars, schedule activities, have been set outside of the visible area
Schedule Notes  
Snap to guide lines    
Milestone Markers   List Guide
Owner Drawn Time Bars   The List Guide is a replicated image of the contents populated in the first column of the Resource List. This shadow image will appear (as programmed) on a click within the schedule area assisting users to accurately place schedule activities and allocate resources.
Owner Drawn Titles
Undo / Redo History  
Built-in Printing  
Solutions Schedule for Silverlight - Map Area | List Guide | Line Arrows
    Map Area
    The Map Area presents a condensed view of the primary schedule allowing for easy navigation of large schedule plans.
    Multiple Schedules
    Multiple Schedules allow for the presentation of schedule objects having the same or other defined time scale.
    Schedule Ruler - Time Scale
    The Ruler (timeline) displays date and time related elements applicable for a view / views of a schedule. There are two primary elements: The top portion of the Ruler displays Date related details and the lower portion of the Ruler displays the Time Scale or Time Types - typically: hours, days, weeks, years and the Time distance between the major time values. Developer defined custom time values are also supported.
Solutions Schedule for Silverlight - Time Types and Custom Time Bars
Tool Tips
    Display contextual information elegantly with Tool Tips.  dbiScheduleSL offers a built-in Tool Tip with an open event for creating custom presentations. By default the Tool Tip will respond to these actions:
    > Creating a Time Bar Solutions Schedule for Silverlight - built in Tool Tip 
    > Changing a Time Bar
    > Mousing over a Time Bar
> Mousing over a Schedule Note
    > Mousing over a Schedule Guide Line
    Solutions Schedule for Silverlight - Schedule Views 
    Schedule area presentations may be further defined using: Alternating line colours, Header colours, colour defined custom areas, Weekend colours and Time lines including the current date time line. 
    Schedule Notes 
    Give scheduling and planning software more detail with unique Schedule Notes . Customize Note icons to draw attention to important information.  

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