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Solutions Schedule .NET


Highlights of Version 9

  Custom User Drawn functionality - has been extended for the Multi-Column Resource List / Grid View Scroll Bar and for the Drag and Drop, Gantt Scheduling Area Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bars  
Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise v9 - UserDrawn Features
  Solutions Schedule .NET version 9.0 built-in reporting output file format options  
  Solutions Schedule .NET v9 - Built-in Reporting Output Formats  
  Scroll Bars - Horizontal and Vertical presentation options:  Normal, Block, None  
  Solutions Schedule .NET v9 - User Drawn Scroll Bars  

Highlights of Version 8

Individual Time Distance Values  -  for each Schedule Object contained in an instance of dbiSchedule.dll - note the date and time distance for each schedule object in this single instance of Solutions Schedule .NETEnterprise.
  Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise - Individual Time Distance Values per Schedule Object  
  UserDrawn Custom Areas  -  UserDrawn attributes of Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise extend a developer's ability to display specifics of a schedule and/or highlight important aspects of a schedule, including reserved time or dead zones ideal for cross-docking or keynote speaker engagements...  
  Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise - UserDrawn Features  
  Resource List UserDrawn Horizontal Scroll Bar  -  Solutions Schedule .NET Enterprise includes the ability to set the resource list horizontal scroll bar visibility, as well, customize the scroll bar presentation with the UserDrawn properties.  
  Solutions Schedule .NET - UserDrawn Horizontal Scroll Bars  
  Integrated ToolTip Functionality  -  Solutions Schedule .NET hosts its own detail presentation ToolTip. Including attributes for TimeBar Create, TimeBar Adjust, TimeBar Move, Vertical Scroll Bar ToolTip and the ability to override the ToolTip presentation.  
  Solutions Schedule .NET - ToolTip Functionality   
  Resource Item Highlight  -  Select an item in the Resource List (Grid) and set the highlight to continue through the Schedule Area.   
  Solutions Schedule .NET - Resource List Grid Features   
  Schedule TimeBar Image In View  -  Set stock or custom UserDrawn TimeBar Images to remain in view.  
  Solutions Schedule .NET Time Bar Images In View   
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