ActiveX  |  COM  
DBI Calendar COM 64 - 3 views, One Control, royalty freeCalendar COM 64 - includes 64 bit and 32 bit development controls for Outlook style Scheduling. Three (3) Appointment Scheduling Views in ONE Control!   A multi column appointment view, a Monthly Calendar view and a Week view. One Control, One Instance, One Data Connection - Three Appointment, Contact, Location and Task related Scheduling Views.   more...
  Studio Controls COM 64 - 15 Unicode ActiveX ControlsStudio Controls COM 64 - Studio Controls COM 64 offers an outstanding developer experiences with a complete set of 32/64 bit Unicode Scheduling, Data Input, Data Presentation, Dialogues, Calendar, and Navigation software components. Includes one full year of technical support, component updates and product upgrades.    more...  
  Studio Controls for COM - 63 royalty free ActiveX controls for UX design and SchedulingStudio Controls for COM - 80 royalty free UX design and Scheduling controls for any OLE compliant IDE. Offering an outstanding developer experience with a complete set of Scheduling, Data Input, Data Presentation, Dialogue, Calendar, and Navigation software components - includes one year of technical support, component updates, product upgrades, online license management.  more...  
       .NET  |  WinForms   
  Studio Controls for .NET - 18 Royalty Free UX design, Calendar and Scheduling Controls for .NET WinFormsStudio  Controls for .NET  -  Providing enterprise developers with a complete set of Windows design,  presentation and appointment scheduling component software.  Offering 18 royalty-free .NET WinForms Smart Client controls with new owner drawn and scheduling features. Studio Controls for .NET includes sample applications in C# and VB .NET, plus one full year of technical support, updates and product upgrades.  more...  
  DBI Calendar Silverlight - Three Schedule Controls in One - Day View, Week View, Month ViewCalendar Silverlight  -  Three Schedule Controls in ONE.  Manage all of your dynamic Outlook style Schedule requirements with ease and with one control. Multi Column Day  view, Month view and Week view - all in one Silverlight Control.  Calendar Silverlight offers Direct edit appointment scheduling with multiple calendar dimensions.    more...  
  dbi calendar wpf - three royalty free schedule and calendar controls in 1
Calendar WPF
  -  Three Schedule and Calendar controls in One! A comprehensive product for .NET developers offering an integrated Day View, Week View and Month View component features, perfect for adding scheduling functionality in any WPF application.   more...
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