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ctxCalendar - (v4.0.0.0)

  • Enhancements and upgrades for ctxCalendar v4.0 include:  Appointment Information Line, Enhanced Gesture Handling, Appointment Resize Enhancements, Appointment Edit Window Fill, Appointment Border Enhancements, Appointment Image Management;  Appointment Edit Windows focus, Enhanced how the control hides the edit window when focus is lost so that the appointment remains selected;  Adjusted when the resize handles are stored in the internal hittest array, to enforce their Z-Order priority over other appointments;  Adjusted the painting routines so that any selected appointment (read only or not) in any view is displayed using the thicker selected border
ctxCalendar - (v3.0)
  • NEW Functionality:  Appointment Index;  User Drawn Date Header Text;  User Drawn Cell Text;  Cell Font;  Day View - Selected Start / End Time, Selected Column;  Day View Printing Enhanced;  Location Item Index Values - Appointment, Contact, Location and Task;  Enhanced Appointment Item Detail for Day, Month and Week Views; 
ctxCalendar - (v2.0)
  • New for Studio Controls COM 64, ctxCalendar combines the best of three appointment scheduling worlds into one 32 / 64 bit ActiveX control.  Multi Column Day View, Monthly Calendar and a Week View.  Load Data once and present Appointment, Contact, Location and Task detail across one, two or all three views.
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ctxCalendar is found in:

Studio ControlsTM COM 64  -  27 UI / UX design and Scheduling controls for any 64-bit OLE compliant IDE
Studio ControlsTM COM  89 UI / UX design and Scheduling controls for any 32-bit OLE compliant IDE
Calendar COM 64TM  32-bit and 64-bit appointment scheduling control for any 64-bit OLE compliant IDE
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